These Are Most Famous Trampoline Park Games
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These Are Most Famous Trampoline Park Games

These Are Most Famous Trampoline Park Games

A trampoline park is a place where kids can spend hours together enjoying themselves. There are also several popular games that can be played on a trampoline besides which it is also highly rated when it comes to places to arrange a birthday party.

Every trampoline cannot handle the long list of activities that are possible. Some of the trampolines are simply meant of jumping and all have weight restrictions. If using a trampoline at home for games or other purposes, it is important to first check the limits and ensure it is safe to use.

There are several trampoline parks offering a long list of games for children of all ages and even adults. This article is all about games possible to play in the jumping places in Houston.

Popular Trampoline Games

There are several games that can be played on a trampoline, like flip, Simon-says, soccer, tag, and dance-off. Some of the more popular ones are explained in more detail here.

  • Slam Dunk: Trampoline slam dunk as the name suggests is to do with basketball. This is a fun way of playing basketball and is not much of a contest. It is a good way to have a nice time and for those who like basketball but do not play the traditional format. One can test their ability to make as many slam dunks as possible and make them as impressive as possible.
  • Dodgeball: Dodgeball is one of the most popular games children play while growing up. Bringing this game to the trampoline, makes it even more exciting and fun since it introduces several new elements. It is a game that requires at least two players however, the more the players the more the fun. It is one of the most popular trampoline games and is played by kids as well as adults. The level of fun is tenfold as compared to the traditional dodgeball due to the introduction of a surface one can bounce off. The bouncy surface introduces several new elements to the game, the fact that it is an enclosed space also makes a difference and saves on from having to chase after the ball every often.
  • Ninja Park: This is a fun game for a trampoline park which requires at least three people. It is necessary to choose one person as the Ninja and the other players will be blindfolded. The aim of the game is for the person chosen as a Ninja to make the other players (who are blindfolded) fall. This is typically played in an enclosed trampoline park to avoid injuries. It is the challenge for the other players to remain standing and make the Ninja fall. Trying to make each other fall does not involve punching or kicking as the name suggests, rather it is using several other techniques like tripping or bouncing. The blindfolded team wins if the Ninja falls and the Ninja wins if the other players fall. A new Ninja is chosen every game.
  • Dance-Off: Trampoline is one of the best platforms for a dance party. All it needs is good dance music and a group of dancers eager to show their moves to organize a dance-off on the trampoline 10ft.

Other Trampoline Activities

A buy trampoline online is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment around. Many of us try to find the birthday party places in Houston when attempting to host a birthday party since one cannot go wrong with a birth party organized in a trampoline park. Some of the other popular activities organized on a trampoline are listed here:

  • Birthday Parties
  • School Trips
  • Corporate Events
  • Glow Events

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