How To Clean Gaming Chair?
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How To Clean Gaming Chair?

How To Clean Gaming Chair?

Taking care and regularly cleaning your gaming chair will preserve the looks of your gaming chair. First, you should save your chair from stains and dirt. But during daily use, this is something people don’t care often. You should keep in mind that stains from drinks or food should be removed instantly. The longer the stains remain, the more challenging they can be removed. So, how to clean gaming chair? The cleaning of the chair depends on the type of chair you have. Usually, cleaning will include vacuuming, wiping the covers with warm water, and a suitable cleaning solution.

If you use cheap products, their intense chemicals will damage your chair’s material, and your all hard work to clean your chair will be wasted. When you buy a new chair, it will usually come with cleaning instructions, so check those before starting the cleaning process. However, there are a lot of things you can do further for cleaning of your gaming chair. Here are a few tips that you can use for cleaning your gaming chair.

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Check the Gaming Chair’s material

As we all know, chairs are made from different materials. The material used across brands can vary significantly, and even different plastic parts and accessories of the chair have different requirements. Your gaming chair can be made from anything, but usually, it is made with any of these materials like PU leather, PVC leather, fabric, or mesh.

Once you find out the material of which your chair is made, you shall be able to start your process of cleaning your chair; you should also check the equipment like armrests, cup holders, wheelbases, and the wheels themselves. Most probably that they are made of plastic, which is quite simple to clean, but some expensive brand chairs have stainless steel gears.

Collect your items for Cleaning

When you complete the verification of your chair’s material, then it is time to start the cleaning for which you need to collect items that can be used for cleaning purposes. Like a bucket of warm water and a cleaning cloth if you are starting things by removing dirt. For better cleaning, you will have to do a little bit extra than this, mainly if you’ve been in the habit of eating while playing games and getting scraps and frosting all over the chair.

For this purpose, detergent can play a vital role. Mix it with the warm water, and it will prove very efficient in cleaning most of the materials without causing any damage to them. If you face those stains that are very stubborn and detergent cannot remove them, you need rubbing alcohol. It can remove very severe stains too. Other items that can help you clean are sponges and brushes if you are willing to do through and deep cleaning of your gaming chair. You can use these items for removing deep stains and wiping away debris from the inner parts of the chair. Always take a dry towel or cloth with you because they are handy at the end to keep away the stains of water and other marks.

Remove Dust and Debris from Surface of chair

This is the most convenient part of the cleaning process and the least stressful. Because you need no water or any other cleaning item for this purpose, if you have a chair made of PU or PVC leather, you can use a cloth to wipe the surface. All the dirt and debris can be easily removed through this. You can also use a handheld vacuum for this cleaning, and they can play a very efficient role in removing dirt and debris. If you clean your gaming chair with a vacuum, you should do it weekly; otherwise, the risk of dust and debris will increase, and you have to face future cleaning troubles.

Use water or cleaner for deep cleaning of the material

Now, when you have completed the cleaning of surface debris, you can go in for a deep clean. This will help you get rid of those coffee or tea stains and the sauce of pizza or burgers.

The first step you need to do is look at the chair, and there will be a tag that gives cleaning directions. There will be signs like “S” “W” or “S/W.”These signs are pretty simple. “W” means that you can only use water for cleaning your chair. “S” means that a cleaner can be used. “S/W” indicates that you can use water, solvent, or cleaning purposes. You should start cleaning with solvent first and then rinse it with water. It will prove very useful.

How to tackle with permanent stains

As we all know that some stains are very hard to remove, and they may not come out comfortably. If you are going to clean your gaming chair after many months of use, you have to face these issues quite often because the stains of food, sweat, cold drinks, or even blood will give you a tough time.

For tackling this situation, you can use alcohol rubbing for removing hard stains. But keep in mind that you have to use it very carefully. Use it by using a cloth and put it on the stains and try to rub it out, and it will remove the stain easily

Now clean the rest of the chair

When you complete the material’s cleaning and all stubborn stains, your difficult part is over. Now focus on cleaning other parts of the chair, and it is quite simple and more comfortable then cleaning of different components. Other things include the armrests, the frame of chair, wheels, and base. These parts are commonly made with hard materials like plastic so you can easily clean them. You can use a wet cloth or a towel with warm water and easily remove all the dirt and stains from these parts. And for disinfecting these parts, you can also use a cleaner. And you should disinfect them because you have to spend a lot of time sitting on your chair. You can also use some scent for cleaning because it will not only clean the chair but also give you a pleasant smell too

You can clean this stainless steel parts of chair in the same way you cleaned the plastic, with a little bit of warm water and mild detergent. Some gaming chairs have stainless steel material. You can use warm water and detergent for cleaning these parts quite quickly. Make sure to use a dry towel or cloth right after cleaning to avoid any watermarks.


So you have to do a little care of your gaming chair for its long life and smooth experience. Following these tips on how to clean gaming chair will make your chair shine like a new chair and extend its lifespan. Moreover, you need to do this cleaning regularly to avoid severe problems in the future that can harm your chair permanently.

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