How to Play Teen Patti : Rules and Instructions

How to Play Teen Patti : Rules and Instructions

Teen Patti is a popular gambling card game in India. It is similar to the British game of 3 card brag. In some areas, it is also known as Flush or Flash. It is loosely related to another card game called Poker. This game can be played in a group of 3 or 6 people and uses 52 cards excluding the Joker. You can learn about Teen Patti rules in the following section.  

Ranks of Winning Cards  

Firstly, there are 6 different ranks for winning. These have been mentioned in their respective order below –  

  • Trio – Also known as a Set or Trail, this is the highest-ranking cards where you have three of the same rank of cards. For instance, 666 of three different suits. A trio of three Aces has the highest rank while that of 222 is the lowest.

  • Straight Flush – Similar to Poker’s winning hand, it is when three cards are in sequence and belong to the same suit. Also known as Straight Run or Pure Sequence.

  • Straight – Here, the cards are in sequence but do not belong to the same suit. Also known as Sequence or Normal Run.

  • Pair – Two out of three cards will have the same rank. Also known as a double. For instance, KKA denotes a pair of Kings with the third card being an Ace.

  • High Card – If nobody has any of the above, the person with the highest card wins. These include cards like Ace, King or Jacks. Usually, an Ace accompanied by another high card is the highest.

Teen Patti Rules for Playing  

The Teen Patti Rules are very simple to understand and follow. There are certain terms used in the game which will be explained further below. First, understand and remember the rankings of winning cards. Thereafter, go through the section below.  

Incidentally, the dealer will provide 3 cards to each player. At first, the cards are placed face down on the table. Now, a minimum stake is decided and collected from each player. This is known as ‘Boot’ and will be the pot amount for the winner.  

Next, there will be two types of players – Blind player and Seen player. Anybody who doesn’t pick up their cards from the table will be considered as the Blind player. Those who see their cards will be the Seen player.  

Then, the game is commenced by the person to the left of the dealer. In case he is a Blind player, he has to bet either equal to the stake or double of it. In the case of Seen player, he can bet half of the stake or equal to it.  

For the next player, his actions will be determined based on the previous player being a Blind or Seen player. If the previous player was a blind player, he has to bet double the amount of the stake or up to four times the amount. Accordingly, he has to bet equal or twice the bet of the previous player in case of a Seen player.  

This will continue until one of the following happens –  

  • All but one player folds their cards

  • Everybody except two players fold their cards. The remaining players will then have to Show.

Common Terms used in Teen Patti  

  • Chaal – Referred to the ‘call’ action while betting.

  • Pack – Also known as Fold where one exits the game by giving up his cards. His bets are not refunded.

  • Show – This is the final action where two players show and compare their cards.

  • Compromise/Side Show – This can only be done by Seen players. Here, one player can request the previous player to Show their cards. If agreed, the cards are shown, and the weaker ones have to pack.

Teen Patti Rules for Show  

Teen Patti rules state a few necessary instructions in regards to Show. These include the following –  

  • Show can only occur when two players are left.

  • It will be done after making a payment. In case the other person is a Blind player, he can ask to Show for the current or twice the stake. Accordingly, it can be asked for current or half the stake in case of a Seen player.

  • The blind player cannot look at his cards until the payment for Show is made.

  • After payment, both the player’s cards are shown. The winning hand will be declared as the winner. If both hands are the same, the player who paid for Show will win.

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