How To Play Pokemon GO On Your Windows PC

How To Play Pokemon GO On Your Windows PC

Play Pokemon GO in the wild can be dangerous. We’ll show you how to catch Pokemons from the comfort of your own home using your Windows PC and free tools.

Here is everything you need to know. Read More Play Pokemon game From Nintendo. Just days after its release, some players got into serious trouble by breaking into unsafe neighborhoods, discovering bodies, or robbing them. You don’t want to be one of them.

Here you can play Pokemon GO comfortably and safely from home. All you need is a Windows computer, a little patience, and this guide.

What you need

To set up Pokemon GO on Windows with BlueStacks, you need to set up a number of tools in the correct order.

Still, if you still want to try the BlueStacks route, download all of the tools listed below. For everything but BlueStacks – the Android Emulator for Windows How to Emulate Android and Run Android Applications on Your PC How to Emulate Android and Run Android Apps on Your PC It’s actually pretty easy to have Android apps running on your desktop or laptop! Here we will walk you through the best methods. For more information, see that we are going to use to install the game – download the Android APK file.

  • A Windows PC and admin rights to install software.
  • BlueStacks; Use this BlueStacks version for Windows 7/8 or if the game crashes with the Windows 10 version.
  • KingRoot, a root tool for Android devices.
  • Lucky Patcher, a tool for changing app permissions.
  • Fake GPS Pro, an app to fake your location. You can still find the APK file for free, but download it at your own risk.
  • Pokemon GO, the game itself. Don’t install or run until it’s time or it doesn’t work.

We recommend that you put all of these files in a single folder so that you can easily find them later. Don’t rush to install any of the apps without knowing what to do! If you carefully follow the directions and directions below, you will be able to play Pokemon GO much faster.

Install Pokemon GO

As with KingRoot and Lucky Patcher before, just install the APK file that you downloaded earlier. Don’t start the app at this point as it won’t work yet. There are more than a dozen of versions of Pokemon which is a worth trying. Check to download those versions and become a real Pokemon trainer.

Check your location settings

In BlueStacks, click the gear in the top right corner, select Settings, go to Position and make sure the mode is set to High Accuracy.

Every Windows GPS service must be deactivated as it can create itself with BlueStacks. In Windows 10, press Windows Key + I to access the Settings app. Then go to Privacy> Location and make sure the location for this device is set to off.

Set up FakeGPS

Go back to Lucky Patcher and you may see FakeGPS on the list of apps. If not, don’t worry.

To see FakeGPS, go to Search at the bottom, then select Filters in the top right corner, highlight System Apps and click Apply.

Click on FakeGPS in the list and select Start App. A window for operation is opened in which the use is explained. Read the instructions carefully and click OK to close the window.

Click the three dotted button at the top right, go to Settings, check the expert mode, read the warning message and confirm with OK.

Click the back arrow in the top left to return to the map. Now select your preferred location, either near your real location or your preferred and ideally densely populated place on the planet. For me, that would be downtown Vancouver.

Click on the entry and select Save to add this location to your favorites. Click the Organge Play button in the lower right to activate the wrong location.

Play Pokemon GO

We’re finally ready to play the game! If the Pokemon GO app takes a while to start, that’s fine. You set Pokemon GO just as high as you would on a regular Android or iOS device. You can sign in with Google and the app will automatically load your previously set up Pokemon GO account if you have one linked to your Google account.

When the game finally starts, you should find yourself in the wrong place that you were previously involved in. If the game doesn’t recognize your location immediately, go back to FakeGPS (in Lucky Launcher), select a point on the map and activate a wrong location again. We had to restart BlueStacks (see step 3) and fake a place that we had actually visited in real life.

Troubleshooting tips

Setting up this game on BlueStacks is not easy and you can easily miss a few things along the way. Here are some tips in case the game cannot detect GPS or your location. How To Welcome Your Home With GPS Location How To Use GPS Location To Make Your House Welcome Home A great way to save time on many things, from air conditioning to dinner. Continue reading.

  • In Windows, make sure Location is disabled for this device.
  • In FakeGPS, make sure that expert mode is activated.
  • In BlueStacks’ location settings, confirm that Google Location History is set to off and Mode is set to High Accuracy.
  • Start FakeGPS and save a new wrong place.
  • Use a location that you actually visited on your Android or iOS device.
  • Restart BlueStacks and try again.

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