10 interesting facts about Cardboards

10 interesting facts about Cardboards

Cardboard is the most versatile material with a wide range of features and characteristics. Cardboard boxes have made their way in the packaging sector in very less time. The main reason for its high acceptance is its durability, affordability, lightweight and ease of use and storage. Its eco-friendly nature adds to its benefits. Custom printed boxes we use today were not the same as they are now. Rather the custom boxes evolved over time. Although the cardboard is the most frequently used material it has a long history. Some of the interesting facts about cardboard are as follows:

1)Cardboard was created by an accident

It would be an interesting fact to know that custom cardboard boxes we use today, they are the result of an accident. Back in 1879, a factory worker in a factory of New York mistakenly cut about 20,000 paper bags which were to be created actually. It led to ruining of the bags. Robert Gair, the owner of the factory thought that these bags should not be wasted rather we should do something productive with them. He created first folding box template with them. This was the start of cardboard boxes, where flat pieces can be folded together to make a box. Robert Gair offered these boxes to his clients which were large food packaging companies. Cardboard boxes became extremely popular when Kellogg’s started to package its cereals in these boxes.


2)Cardboard is made from trees

Cardboard boxes are actually made from trees. As it is the modified form of paper and all of us know that paper is made from wood. Moreover, it’s a surprise to know that this trend started back to the ancient Han Dynasty of China. These people used the treated bark of mulberry trees to store the food. They realized that storing the food in tree bark can make it store for long. Although the cardboard had not been invented at that time it laid down a strong foundation for future research.

Cardboard is made from trees

3)Cardboard replaced wooden crates by 1900s

Especially after the manufacturing of cardboard boxes on a commercial scale, wooden crates were started to be replaced by cardboard boxes by the start of the 1900s. They became a preferred choice of various businessmen. They started to be used as product boxes and shipping boxes by being more cost-effective and lightweight. Moreover, it is much easier to manufacture it easily on large scale as compared to wooden crates and other packaging materials.


4)Cardboard Boxes can be made in different colors

All of us know that cardboard is very easy to customize. But people are still of the misconception that cardboard comes only in brown color. Although most of the cardboard is designed in the color of Kraft paper, it can be easy to manufacture it in a number of colors. The custom boxes made from colorful paperboard look very different and attractive. In addition to color, it can be customized in various shapes, sizes, designs, and styles. Interesting patterns and artistic graphics can be printed on the cardboard packaging to give it an inspiring look.

Boxes Cardboard

5)American’s Agricultural Industry uses most of its manufactured cardboard

Another interesting fact about cardboard boxes is linked with the agriculture industry of America. People usually associate cardboard boxes with shopping or packaging but a few of us know that almost 50% of the custom cardboard boxes manufactured America is used by its agriculture sector. The boxes are used to transport food items from the farms to the retailers and other grocery stores on daily basis.


6)Cardboard- A symbol of homelessness

Cardboard has become a symbol of homelessness as a number of poor and homeless people use cardboard boxes to provide them shelter. Its durable nature protects them from worse atmospheric conditions. Moreover, cardboard played a significant role in World War II. The warriors used the cardboard to serve as a protection to gas marks distributed in the city during the war.


7)Recycling cardboard saves tons of energy

Almost all the brands make use of custom printed boxes to package their products. Recycled cardboard plays an important role in this aspect. Almost 70-75% of the cardboard is made from recycled paper and cardboard. Its eco-friendly nature enables the manufacturers to save tons of energy by recycling the cardboard as it requires 25% less energy than making it from scratch. Recycling one ton of cardboard can save 4000kW of electric power, 7000 gallons of water and 46 gallons of oil. Almost 17 trees and 8 cubic yards of landfill space can be protected by recycling one ton of cardboard. Such amazing statistics motivate us to put our part in saving the natural resources.

Recycling cardboard

8)Cardboard is used to make Kids Crafts

Often your storeroom might fill up with a number of cardboard boxes and when you find no way out they end up in the trash. By little creativity, they can be converted to a number of kids’ toys like a dollhouse, cars, racing tracks, kitchen and a number of items. It’s a great way to engage your kids. You can have great fun with them without spending a single penny.

Cardboard is used to make Kids Crafts

9)Home Decoration

If you search on the Internet you will find unlimited options to reuse cardboard effectively. One of the best ways to use old cardboard boxes is to make various home décor items out it like wall art, wall hangings, canvas frames and much more. It also serves as a perfect storage solution. You can design a number of storage bins, desk organizers and baby baskets from it.

Home Decoration

10)Cardboard used in construction of houses

A few people know the fact that cardboard is a material which is used in the construction of houses and building. Even a complete livable house was designed by a Melbourne Architect. It was a new idea with an innovative look.

Cardboard used in construction of houses

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