10 Tips For Taking The Best Photos With Your iPhone

10 Tips For Taking The Best Photos With Your iPhone

Although the quality of an iPhone camera is premium, not every person knows the right trick to take the best picture from it. If you own an iPhone, you should know the right techniques to take professional-looking pictures that express your taste and knack for photography.

In this post, we have included some of the lesser-known tricks to capture notable pictures from your iPhone. You can learn them each and become a pro photographer in your group!

10 lesser-known iPhone photography tips that you should know

No matter if you own iPhone 13 or iPhone 14, you should know a few technical tips that help you refine your iPhone photography skills and capture the best pictures ever.

1. Timer for stationary shots

A shaky camera not only ruins the picture but also your mood. Additionally, using the shutter button on your iPhone can make a flawless picture into a blurred image.

Fortunately, you can utilize the timer to click steady shots. You can use the button volume on the left side of your iPhone to capture still shots but this method won’t give the sharp and steady results as the timer does.

2. Tweak the exposure and focus settings

To get the best results on your iPhone, you need to adjust the exposure and focus. Turning this feature ‘ON’ enables the iPhone to detect the subject, focus on the subject, and tweak the dark or bright exposure using the swipe.

To lock your preference for all the images, tap and hold your finger on the screen for some time till you don’t see ‘AE/AF LOCK in a yellow box. The rest is done!

3. Soft lighting

Light plays a vital role in making a picture good or bad. Pictures captured in soft lighting look much better than images photographed in direct or harsh lighting.

For instance, a picture taken under a lampshade looks much better than a photo clicked on a direct lightbulb setting. You can create a soft lighting setting by letting it travel from other sources.

4. Utilize HDR (high dynamic range) mode

HDR feature in your iPhone perfectly balances the dark and light components in your picture, especially when it is high-contrast. This feature gives a life-like touch to an ordinary image.

If you are taking a picture in a dark setting or where the light is too bright, HDR balances each detail. Tap the HDR icon on the top of your camera screen to turn this feature ‘ON’.

5.  Avoid over-exposure

To shoot the best pictures from your iPhone, you need to work on the lighting. Too much brightness in the background is not considered good because it washes away the main subject.

Darker backgrounds are considered better than bright ones. You can change the settings to customize the brightness and avoid over-exposure while capturing a photo.

A few composition tips on iPhone photography

The way you arrange the photographic components in your picture is what composition is all about. Here are some composition tips to take highly professional photos from your iPhone:

6.  Shift the angle

It is quite normal to take pictures from a normal position. Ditch the normal standing or sitting position while capturing a picture to make the most of your iPhone camera. Try shooting from lower or higher angles to click impressive pictures.

7.  Avoid complexity

Most people access the internet using their mobile. An intricate composition might look best in large size but it appears complicated on a handheld device. Therefore, keep your pictures simple to make them easily understandable on all types of screen sizes.

8.  Turn ‘ON’ the grid

Grid lines on your iPhone divide the screen into a 3-by-3 grid. Using this iPhone camera feature, you can capture visually striking photos. You just need to activate it in the ‘camera section settings’ and toggle ‘ON’ the grid.

9.  Focus on the detail

If you focus on the details while taking a zoom shot, you can add a different spice to the final result. Look for exciting designs, textures, colors, objects, or other unnoticed things that can elevate your photography game, especially when you capture still life.

10. Utilize portrait mode

Select the portrait mode when you want to click the most striking portrait images. Just next to the ‘Photo’ mode, you can find the ‘Portrait’ mode in the iPhone camera. Once you do it, a blurry effect is added to the background of the subject. It is a helpful feature when you want to capture the subject in a crowded place.

Wrapping Up

No matter you have the newest version of the iPhone or your own old version, it has a range of features available that helps you capture the finest pictures.

You just need to stay creative and keep experimenting each time when you take out your iPhone to do some photography.

It is time to ditch the normalcy, follow all the aforementioned tricks, and spruce up your photography skills!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which iPhone captures high-quality photos?

Although most versions of iPhone have the high-quality cameras, the newest version i.e. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are clear winners when it comes to capturing the most beautiful pictures.

Why my iPhone is not capturing clear photos?

Make sure you clear the lenses with a microfiber cloth to get clear pictures. You can also try restarting your iPhone. Avoid zooming in too much as it gives blurry results.

Why iPhone cameras are better than Android?

Cameras in iPhones are quite powerful and high-quality than Androids. It offers sharp, crisp, and better-quality pictures with an array of features like manual focus, face recognition, default HDR, etc.

Which camera mode is better on iPhone?

Portrait mode is considered the better camera mode to capture images on iPhone. It creates a detailed and sharp effect on the subject and blurs the background.

How can I capture better pictures on my iPhone?

There are many methods to capture better pictures with an iPhone. You can follow the aforementioned tricks to get the best result.

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