3 Outstanding Online Tools To Help You Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

3 Outstanding Online Tools To Help You Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

As you stride higher in the academic life, writing exemplary essays becomes more and more vital. While in the beginning, it may simply be a part of your curriculum, eventually your grades start hugely depend on it as well. In due course of time, essay writing turns out to be a deal maker or breaker, especially during college admissions. In the same light, providing quality essay writing services to stop all academic concerns is becoming incredibly essential for the students.

So, they should leverage the available online resources to craft impressive essays that can help them secure the grades of their dreams.  However, there are so many out there that it can become excessively overwhelming to try to sift through all such options.

So, here in today’s post, we have brought a comprehensive list of the best online resources around that you can keep handy throughout your academic career.

1. Essay Writing Guide 3.0

This incredible app supports students in the areas of organization, style, content, and mechanics. This sleek looking and extremely easy to use app offer instructional notes on writing concepts, explanations of proper grammatical and stylistic rules, and examples from the literature. Since a college English professor developed the Essay Writing guide app, you can rely on it with eyes closed.

2. Google Timer

In the words of top stalwarts of essay writing services around the world, it can be excessively difficult to stay focused when you are writing, even with the distracting sites blocked. Sitting down and planning to write for a whole morning or afternoon doesn’t work for most. If you happen to be one of them, then you should consider giving Google Timer a try today. You can use it to stay focused and break the writing session into short chunks. While the time’s running, you would be writing. To set a timer in Google, just search for ‘set a timer for X minutes’. The timer would appear on the screen and start automatically.


JSTOR is the best friend of a college student when it comes to writing extensively researched and data-driven essays. Most view it as an online library of e-resources that students can access to enrich their essays for high GPAs.  While most of the informative articles and resources available at JSTOR comes at a price in the form of a membership fee, but you may be able to access a handful free of charge. It incorporates readable on a wide range of topics, so irrespective of the theme of your essays, there are thick chances that something will always be available for your references.

Next time you think of buying college essays online, make sure to take the help of this resource guide. Use these resources listed above to stay productive without sacrificing any of your precious sanity, sleep, or your social life.

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