5 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

5 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Whether you are an expert at home renovation or you have just recently purchased a house that needs a lot of work done. It’s almost impossible to predict what the new popular trend will be and how the market will react to it. What’s even more important is the market value vs. cost factor – something that has the potential to either bite you or boost your home’s worth by a landslide.

Some of these mentions are great for someone who regularly does DIY home projects – but they all include wiring applications so make sure you stay safe and always have a solid crimping tool (or the whole project simply won’t work). At the very beginning of 2019, it’s safe to say that these top 5 clever remodeling ideas will peak any home’s value and end up paying for themselves.

1.A Complete Roof Replacement

This one is pretty straightforward – if your roof is at a ripe old age then it’s time to replace it well before a disaster happens. If your current roof looks damaged, shingles are falling off, or there are any leaks, new roofing is needed. If you are uncertain, call a specialist to determine the amount of life it has left. New roofing may be pricey, but what’s even more pricey is water damage, water restoration, and a collapsed ceiling. You have many simple or unique roofing choices and repairing it acquires back 68.8% of the overall price in resale value.

Roof Replacement

2.Remodel Areas Of Your Kitchen

We are describing a small renovation job here, so don’t worry about breaking the bank. In fact, it only takes a tiny remodeling job to lift the value of your house and get a good appraisal. Based on statistics, a shocking 89.4% came back from an average remodeling price of nearly $21,000. Therefore, whatever you choose to do with the kitchen area whether you spend $5,000 or $50,000, you are most likely to recover almost all of that back in value. The most prominent kitchen trends in 2019 include white or grey cabinets, smart kitchen technology, single level islands, and organized storage with clean lines.

Remodel Kitchen

3.Smart Home Technology

This is considered more of an upgrade rather than a remodel, but we still need to discuss it. Technology will not regress, it will only advance. A technology used throughout the house is the most popular additive in 2019, and according to statistics, by 2021 up to 60% of homes will have one or more smart devices. These include refrigerators that let you know when you need groceries, coffee makers that automatically start, home lighting systems, voice control, security systems, as well as motorized shades – all done with your voice or from your smartphone. Not only did you not have to tear down walls for this project, but your life will be so much easier!

Smart Home Technology

4.Increase Your Bathroom Size

Recently, bathrooms have become mightier, more spacious, and made for luxury. Luckily, you don’t really need to go all out to acquire that bonus space. Remodeling companies make space by ripping down walls, and the cost of a smaller bathroom remodel is roughly $8,000. This generally includes a new bathtub, sink, more space, tiling, etc. If you are happy with the appliances you already have, you might consider installing a spacious walk-in shower with included safety features. This by itself can potentially increase your home’s value by thousands and your own happiness by 100%.

Increase Your Bathroom Size

5.A New Garage Door

Are you looking for curb appeal? Something that people can envy without even stepping foot into your home? People forget that installing a new garage door can seriously change the way the exterior of your house looks completely. Other than that, a basic garage door replacement can recoup up to 80% of how much you pay for it in the long run. The cost of a shiny new garage door is only about $1,700 and the most popular designs in 2019 include a pop of color, addition of transparent windows, wooden or charcoal black doors, and smart home technology that controls your garage door via your smartphone.

Garage Door

Honorable Mentions

There are so many clever ways to remodel your home. And by clever, I mean cost-effective, returned revenue, appraisal boosting and making your home simply more functional. Here are our honorable mentions – each one increasing your home’s value rather than dumping your money on a lost cause:

  • Expand an existing deck or add a deck to your backyard
  • style=”text-align: justify;”Replace your siding
  • Replace your front door
  • Install a pool (is this ever a bad decision? Nope!)
  • Replace old windows and add in new modern style windows
  • Get a shiny new 36 inch stainless steel farmhouse sink.

Always remember to do these one step at a time, and please don’t rush into anything that you might not like after a few months. This is your home and your blank canvas to design something amazing with.

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