5 Tips to Sending Out Gifts This Easter in Custom Mailer Boxes

5 Tips to Sending Out Gifts This Easter in Custom Mailer Boxes

Easter is all about sending out warm, colorful and thoughtful gifts to loved ones. It’s more about showing your feelings, and simply ensuring that the people close to you have a great time together. With Easter fast approaching, and many of your relatives living in another country, a major concern for you would be to send them gifts by post. This is definitely one of the best ways to ensure that your loved ones get the warm thoughts and feelings you have for them in the form of an Easter present.

However, sending out thoughtful gifts and expensive gifts by posts also comes with major challenges. Hence it is important that you prepare well accordingly, and choose to send them the gifts in custom mailer boxes. Customizing such boxes and ensuring they offer complete protection may seem like a challenge at first, but here are some pro tips on how to send these out in custom boxes.

1.Choose Quality Material for the Boxes

When it comes to choosing the custom boxes for the mailer box you wish to design, you need to ensure that the quality of the material you choose is up to mark and durable. It could be that you wish to send out chocolates or Easter eggs to your loved ones, and you will need Kraft paper or corrugated cardboard boxes since they are more durable options. Since shipping requires rough handling of the boxes, it is advisable that you consult the packaging company before you decide on the best quality.

2.Give the Boxes Unusual Shapes

If you have a tight budget, this is an option you need to try. To show your creative side to your loved ones this Easter, you can have the mailer boxes in unique shapes. This will give the box a distinctive touch and leave a memorable impression on the receiver. It will impress your loved ones with your creativity and win them over with your parcel in their hand. In addition, if you choose a good custom packaging company, such as IMH Packaging, you can have the boxes in stunning transformations. If you plan to send out food items, candies, or any edible item, the unique packaging will help to prevent the chances of spillovers, or leakages.

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3.Add Some Unique Images on the Custom Mailer Boxes

You can also ask the packaging company to add some unique symbols on the packaging to show your feelings. You can have cartoon images, colorful Easter egg drawings, images, ribbon designs, or any attractive imagery. This will not only appear captivating but also brighten up Easter celebrations for the person receiving the parcel.

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4.Give the Mailer Boxes Elegant Finishes

Easter boxes should not have a dull touch to them. You should try to go for something out of the box and give them colorful touches. Why not go for bright colored boxes? Choose elegant finishes as well, which should help your parcel to stand out. You can add details about the gifts you plan to send out, ask the custom printing company to draw out small images of Easter eggs. You can also ask them to add special coatings or finishes to the mailer boxes. The latest trend today is to add spot UV, matte, or glossy finishes. Another coating you can try is the gold/silver foiling, or try embossing!

5.Add Some Easter Patterns

You can also consider adding some stripes or polka dot patterns to the mailer boxes. In addition, ask the printing company to add floral prints. It is not necessary to stick to conventional egg designs and you can explore more options. Choosing patterns doesn’t mean that you need to cover the entire box, keep it simple and just add colorful patterns on the top, and side panels.

Just know there are endless options to design custom mailer boxes in unique ways. If you choose the best company, you can ask them to modify the packaging in any way possible. Easter is all about colors, so make sure you choose the right color schemes for the boxes.


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