6 Affordable Ways To Keep Your Home Warm In Colder Weather

6 Affordable Ways To Keep Your Home Warm In Colder Weather

Winters can be really difficult, with snow and cold draughts wafting into your house. Even if the construction of your house is well-insulated, it is hardly ever sufficient to protect you from the biting chill of winters.

Fortunately, there are multiple affordable ways in which you can keep warm and sail through the winters. Here are six ways how:

1.Wood Stoves

One of the oldest and most affordable ways of heating for your home is investing in a wood stove. This is especially effective if you live in a hilly area, where firewood is easily available. Wood stoves have been around since the 16th Century, so they are quite effective against some 21st Century problems. Even if your electricity is knocked out by the cold winds or you run out of oil supply, your wood stove will run. Its basic make involves a fire-resistant metal container, in which your wood burns to generate heat. The contraption is sealed off with a gasket so that your fire burns all night, uninterrupted. Besides periodically changing the door gaskets and removing ash, there is only minor upkeep for these stoves, which makes it especially affordable!

2.Pellet Stoves

One of the downsides to most heating systems is that they produce large carbon footprints. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly solution, you should definitely invest in pellet stoves! In pellet stoves, you put in pellets made of biomass, food waste or agricultural residue into the units, and these combust to generate heat. Unlike most wood stoves, nearly all pellet stoves have self-fuelling units. This means that after you insert a bag of pellets into a chamber called the hopper, it slowly keeps adding to the burner till required. You can turn this on using pellet stove igniters and adjust the heat accordingly. Not only are pellet stoves six times more eco-friendly than electric or oil reserves, storing and purchasing pellets is quite economical!

3.Electric Space Heaters

If you are looking for something compact and portable, your one-stop solution is an electric space heater. Electric space heaters are among the most modern heating techniques, which means they are powered by electricity and can be moved around be it to your garage, living room or your bedroom. Plus, they produce little waste that needs to be cleaned, so maintaining them is fairly easy. That being said, space heaters provide warmth for smaller areas, unlike other heating appliances, which heat up entire rooms. However, this makes them ideal if you are living alone in relatively compact space.


For a particularly classy and effective heating system, you can go old-world and build a wood-burning fireplace. There is nothing like basking by the crackling fire and unwinding in the cold winters. If you live in a place with colder temperatures, there is a good likelihood that you have a pre-existing fireplace, replete with a chimney. Before using your fireplace, however, bear any safety instructions in mind and have it thoroughly inspected for any hazards. Make sure to replace blowers or other parts if needed.

5. Gas Fireboxes

Do not have to be disheartened if you live in a modern flat: you can even install ultra-modern fireplaces! Now, you can get convenient gas-operated fireboxes installed in your homes. The fireboxes are controlled by a remote. Not only do they add glamour, they produce no soot (unlike wood-burning fireplaces) and therefore require very little maintenance. If this appeals to you, you can usually find a firebox in the size you want. Bear in mind that if you install a fireplace (whether wood-based or gas-based), you need to have extinguishers and escape routes labelled with fireproof custom sign boards for fire safety.

6.Thermal mass

An unassuming but important part of heating your room is by filling it up. While decorating your room, cover as much surface area as you can with thick material, such as carpets and warm sofas. If you are remodelling your home, you can invest in exposed brick walls and concrete floor slabs. How this works is simple: these materials absorb more heat than timber, so they keep your home warmer in the winters. You can explore different materials that add thermal mass to pep up a warm and cozy home!

Your heating appliances ultimately depend on your budget and the overall look of your house. While designing or remodelling your house for heat, find out what your heat requirements are and choose the best heating system accordingly. Do get your heating mechanism installed by a company guide. Make sure to retain working manuals so that you can get specific parts replaced as and when needed!

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