6 Great Tips To Fall Asleep Fast

6 Great Tips To Fall Asleep Fast

#1 Power Down

The blue glow that emits from tablets, cell phones, or digital clocks can interrupt your sleep. 

Tip: Turn off computers, TVs, or any other blue-light source around an hour before you get into bed. Cover the displays that you cannot shut off. 

#2 Miss Naps

You will rest better when you go to bed at night. If you feel that you need to snooze during the day, make sure it is under 20 minutes. And rather take a nap in the morning. 

Tip: Overcome those energy slumps in the afternoon by calling a friend, taking a walk, or drinking ice water. 

#3 Block The Clock

Do you find yourself checking on the time while trying to fall asleep? This can get your mind racing about the next day, which will keep you wide awake. 

Tip: Put the clock away in a drawer or under the bed, or turn it so it is not in your view. 

#4 Use A Leg Pillow For Back Pain

The pain in your back might not be painful enough to keep you awake, but even mild discomfort will disturb the restful and deep stages of your sleep. Place a leg pillow between your knees to align the hips and to place less pressure on your lower back. 

Tip: If you are a back sleeper, use a pillow under the knees to alleviate pain. 

#5 Make Sure Your Neck Is In A Neutral Position

Do you think your pillow is to blame when you wake up with a sore and stiff neck? You need to find a pillow that is right for you (meaning not too flat or too fat). Your pillow should support your neck when you are resting. If you are a side sleeper, make sure your nose is lined up with the middle of your body. Avoid sleeping on your tummy as this will only twist your neck. 

#6 Seal Your Mattress

Itchiness, sniffles, and sneezes from allergies often result in poor sleep. Your mattress could be the main culprit. As time goes by your mattress starts to accumulate dust mite droppings, mold, and any other allergy trigger. Seal your pillows, box springs, and mattress to avoid this issue. There are many allergen free covers and mattresses on the market. If you have had your mattress for a while it may be worth investing in a new one. These Simmons customers give their reviews. Take a look and find the best mattress to suit you.

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