6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Office Clean and Organized

6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Office Clean and Organized

Disorder and clutter in the workplace can negatively affect one’s productivity and work effectiveness. Office cleaning can be easy to disregard, especially in an office with many employees concentrated on their work.

But a neglected office space can quickly turn into a dump if no one cleans up their mess, leading to unproductive workers and uninterested clients. 

But it can be challenging to know where to begin with cleaning. Should you start with your desk or computer that hasn’t been cleaned ever since it was purchased or the spilled coffee that no one bothered to clean?. You could also hire professional cleaning services like Urban Clean – Office Cleaning Specialists.

Either way, here are some must-know tips for decluttering your office environment and effectively cleaning your workplace.

Start Over From Scratch

It may seem like a daunting task, but for a spotless office, you need to start anew. It’s going to be much easier to clean after you remove everything from your desk, shelf, drawers, and every other space compartment.

In the meantime, you can place your belongings and work equipment into another room temporarily while you start washing the floor around your desk and other surfaces that might be collecting dust. Now that your desk is empty, it can allow for a thorough cleaning session instead of just getting in the way.

Follow a Checklist

Creating a checklist makes it effortless to manage any task that involves many moving components while needing to be followed by many people. Starting an assignment without any given directive can be quite demanding.

Clearly assigning individual spaces and tasks to the workers will ensure that no nook and cranny of the office is overlooked. Setting guidelines to let the employees know how their area should look is also important.

Remove Unnecessary Items

Another advantage of starting fresh is that determining what items you really need and which ones are just a burden becomes much more manageable.

A great technique to organize this endeavor is to divide your clutter into three groups: ”Keep” for all the necessary items used daily. “Documents” is aptly named for your files and documents that aren’t important enough for your desk but significant enough to keep in your file drawer. Lastly, the “scrap” pile is everything you don’t require, which you can throw away or donate to a local center.

Buy Cleaning Supplies

Sometimes, just having a dusty, old broom in your supply closet isn’t encouraging enough for workers to pick up and start cleaning. Making individual supplies readily available for most of the employees will motivate them to clean more often.

It would also be adequate to place all of your cleaning equipment in one dedicated place that everyone knows about. Giving your employees the supplies should incentivize them to clean up after themselves and ultimately keep the office in pristine condition.

Properly Clean the Electronics

Electronics and appliances tend to catch more dust than other devices because dust has an affinity for them. Use a disinfectant wipe on keyboards, office telephones, or other devices used by various people throughout the day.

While for computers, laptops, monitors, and so on, you can use air dusters or soft clothes not to damage the screen.

Small Tips to Organize Your Desk

Dirt and clutter on your desk could add to stress during work. For a calm and undisturbed workplace environment, an organized desk is necessary.

  • Purchase artificial plants instead of real ones because they make less of a mess. Natural plants also require a lot of attention which is difficult to make time for in a busy workplace.
  • Use velcro straps or zip ties to clump electric wires into a neat line.
  • Place a trash bin near your office desk to immediately get rid of the junk instead of holding on to it.

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