6 Things you should know when promoting law Firms within Dallas

6 Things you should know when promoting law Firms within Dallas

These days the supply of lawyers available is larger compared to the demand for their services. That has made the legal business more difficult, and law firms are always on the lookout for ways to promote themselves. The environment in which these legal firms are operating is becoming more and more competitive. Drying up of leads is one of the reasons why running a law firm profitably is becoming challenging. Another is the inability to overcome overhead problems.

Are you a law firm operating within Dallas facing the same issues? The following five ideas could help you promote your business-

1.Maintain a professional design

You can’t depend on a rudimentary website to bring in more clients! These days, it is so easy to hire experts to spruce things up that failing to do so doesn’t send the right message. Most clients will be meeting you for the first time when they visit the company website. Therefore, make a good impression! As Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab says, 75% of credibility judgments are made based on the website design of a company.

2.Improve lawyer bios

Does your company website have bio pages? If you hired an SEO expert to do the job, it is highly likely that the answer is yes! These pages are usually the first destination for any new visitors to your website. Since you’d want to make a favorable first impression, it would be a great idea to improve the bios.

Go through each of them and make sure that each lawyer has included the following information:

    • Their qualifications, credentials, and experience
    • Relevant keywords to rank for SEO
    • A professional photo
    • Ways to connect with them on the social media
    • A CTA that clearly lets visitors know what they can expect and what they should do next


3.Organic search engine traffic

Your law firm is targeting a certain audience that needs its services the most. They are the ones visiting Google every day and using search terms like divorce lawyers in Dallas, Dallas injury lawyers, and accident attorneys in Dallas. If you can rank for those keywords on Google, you could end up getting a massive amount of leads from there.

When your law firm shows up as the number one choice whenever potential clients enter those search terms, Google will direct them to your website. That would mean the traffic that heads your way wouldn’t be just relevant. It will be full of visitors ready to be converted into clients!

However, for that to happen, you will need the services of a smart SEO agency. Someone who knows the importance of restructuring your site would be great. They could come up with great content and create backlinks that lead to your site, as well.

Besides doing global-centric SEO, there are also local SEO strategies that you can use for Law Firm Web Marketing. If you don’t already know that local SEO is essential for a business like yours, do some research. The main reason for this is that as a law firm, your clients will come from a specific geographic area, preferably where you are located. Thus, through local SEO, you can reach out and bring them into the fold.

Remember that it pays to be a legal practice with a narrow focus. The more specific your specialties are, the more effective the local SEO channel will be for you. It can help potential clients know that you are the only practice that deals with a particular issue. Thus, you would have built your reputation as an authority on that subject.

4.Quantification is important

The most important reason out of several regarding measuring the efficacy of any promotional measure your firm takes is: you’ll be wasting money otherwise! If you can’t track it, then collect the results and analyze them to show progress then just don’t do it. Besides wasting your money, you will also be spending precious time on something that you aren’t even sure works. Measuring and reporting can be achieved with the help of one of the best marketing platforms, HubSpot, is crucial. With HubSpot, you would be able to monitor how people are reacting to your content on social media.

Besides that, you will also have the data on how well the keywords you chose are performing on your website. Once the results are here, choose which strategy to keep and which one you should discard.

Quantification is important

5.Be a giver, instead of just being a taker

Amplify your reach within the community by connecting with other businesses in it. Grow your network of website visitors by putting up free resources on your website. Depending on what the resources are about, other businesses won’t have an issue promoting your information. For instance, you can write how to report on a topic that is within the area of your expertise. Place it on your website and just give it away. Sound authoritative and cite reputable sources in your report, gaining the trust of the centers of influence within your community. You can find some ideas about resources here.

Besides that, make your content shareable. After all, your objective is to spread the word of your business far and wide. Therefore, your clients and website visitors should be able to share the content you produce. An easy way of achieving that is to add share buttons to your website. Encourage your clients to share your content, as well.

6.Don’t just focus on your online presence

Instead, try making your business a part of the community it is located in. Don’t waste your hard-earned money by splurging it on advertising. Work on cultivating a positive community-centric reputation, and soon you’ll be reaping its benefits. One way of doing that is by sponsoring community organizations and local events. If you can’t afford to do that just yet, then use your personal network to spread the word about them within the community.

Have you tried the steps mentioned above? Which of them worked out for you and which ones didn’t? We’d love to hear from you!

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