7 Useful Tips to Create A Clean and Safety Working Environment

7 Useful Tips to Create A Clean and Safety Working Environment

Having a clean working environment is more than just having a sparklingly clean and spotless office. It’s also about ensuring the health and safety among its employees and visitors. Do you know that nearly 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesseswere reported in 2012 alone? These can be avoided by keeping a clean and safe environment for everyone.

Here are seven useful yet practical tips in ensuring a clean and safe workplace:

1.Ensure to clean and dry the floors

Having clean and dry floors in the workplace is essential as it prevents potential slips and falls from happening in the workplace. Also, take note that floor cleaners serve a variety of purposes. For instance, acidic cleaners are excellent in removing scale, rust, and oxides from the floor. Meanwhile, alkaline cleaners are great for restaurant floors.

Take into consideration that some products to contain certain chemicals that can be harmful to indoor flooring, so it’s best to consult with a cleaning professional first.

Also, keep the floors dry by using highly absorbent materials like floor mats and placing them in key locations in the office. Doing so help take off additional moisture and soil from the bottom of the shoes.

2.Disinfect surfaces and objects

It’s easy for germs to spread in the office especially during the flu season. In a study, 27 percent of office keyboards contain adenosine triphosphate or ATP counts that are above 300. Meaning, the contamination in these areas (keyboards and even office desks) are high.

To prevent germs, bacteria, and other infectious diseases from spreading in the workplace, sanitizing surfaces and things with hospital-grade disinfectants that are EPA-registered can prevent these from spreading.

3.Install a proper air filtration system

Vapor and dust can also create a hazardous environment for employees. A critical factor in reducing airborne transmissions or respiratory illnesses is building proper ventilation in the workplace. Cleaning and replacement of HVAC system filters on a regular basis stop it from becoming saturated, which can lead to the growth of microbes and other odor issues.

Moreover, ensure that the vacuum cleaners you use have high-efficiency particle air (HEPA)  filters so that it can capture finer particles in the air. Maintaining the right humidity levels (ranging from 30 to 50 percent) using a dehumidifier also helps remove any air pollutants.

4.Use eco-friendly cleaning products

You have to know that not all cleaning products are created equal, and some have higher standards as compared to others. Look out for products that have a third-party certification (GREENGUARD or Green Seal.) Chances are since these products have already met the necessary guidelines and standards, they’re safer for people and the environment.

5.Proper disposal of wastes

One of the main reasons why there is a lot of clutter in the office is that trash pile up on a regular basis, which can be a breeding ground for pests and can pose a threat to the health and safety of employees.

By putting “no-touch” waste bins on critical areas of the workplace, it reduces the spread of infectious diseases and germs. It also ensures that the facility’s waste is properly disposed of.

If you want to build a more sustainable environment, you can recycle materials in the office by utilizing properly labeled waste receptacles.

6.Use clean light fixtures

Dirty, dusty light fixtures can decrease the quality of light in the workplace, making it more difficult for workers to get their tasks done more productively.

On the other hand, having clean light fixtures will improve the overall lighting efficiency in the workplace. Moreover, having well-lit aisles and hallways reduces the risks of accidents, and helps create a safe work environment for everyone.

7.Employ a professional cleaning team

Maintaining a clean and safe work environment is critical for your organization’s success. That’s why most businesses prefer to hire expert cleaning professionals that will clean your place from top to bottom, ensuring everything is spotless.

According to MaidSailors, an expert in office cleaning service NYC, “A clean workspace makes workers more productive in the workplace. Offices that are sparklingly clean can be associated with high levels of productivity and proper management.”

To Wrap It Up

Having a clean work environment for employees creates a more healthy and hygienic workplace. Not to mention, it improves safety, increases motivation and productivity, and significantly reduces work-related stress.


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