Amazing Interior Landscaping from Plantscapes USA

Amazing Interior Landscaping from Plantscapes USA

Plants are a gorgeous addition to any space. More and more businesses are using plants to transform their offices into spaces that their employees look forward to being in every day. Despite the benefits of having a planted space, many businesses do not want to deal with choosing plants to add to their spaces and the chore plant maintenance. That’s why many services exist to assist businesses with adding a living touch to their offices. If your business is looking for the best Indoor Plant Maintenance Services Philadelphia has to offer, Plantscape USA is here to help.

At Plantscapes USA, we know the benefits plants can make to a work environment. Not only do plants beautify your workplace for visitors, but they also help your employees. Though it might not seem obvious, plants actually can help increase your employee productivity. When your office space features interior landscaping, your employees are more likely to enjoy being in the office and getting their work done.

Indoor Plant

There is just something about plants that make people happy. Maybe it has to do with our animal instinct/ties to nature, or maybe our brains just like the color green. Whatever the reason, you can take advantage of this fact by making sure you have enough plants in your office that every employee has one in eyesight. Plants provide a mild distraction that gives your employees something to enjoy watching grow without completely derailing their work like surfing the internet or checking their phones. This lets them get a healthy mental break without sacrificing their productivity.

On top of these psychological benefits, there is also a huge list of physical benefits plants can have. The air in your office has a huge effect on your employees’ health. The dry air in office spaces, especially in winter, can put a strain on the immune system and lead to more sick days being used, which ultimately hurts your bottom line. Plants are a great way to naturally regulate humidity in any space. In dry areas, plants respirate water vapor into the air. If the air is too moist, plants will help remove some of that excess water from the air. This humidity regulation will help keep your employees healthy all year round.

But that’s not the only way plants can help your employee health. The air in offices is full of all kinds of particulate, bacteria, and chemicals that are off-gassed from man-made materials. All of these airborne contaminants can contribute to sick building syndrome, which is a major productivity killer. Plants will clean the air while they breathe, helping to keep illness down.

If your business is ready to experience all of the benefits of a planted space, but are not interested in the setup and maintenance process, it’s time to look into an office plant service. At Plantscapes we offer both installation and maintenance services to our customers. We will help you plan the perfect interior plantscaping for your space. Once we have your plants set up, one of our plant experts will visit your office two to four times a month to maintain your plants and replace any dead or dying plants.

So if you’re looking for the best interior plant maintenance service Philadelphia has to offer for your businesses, you should give us a call at Planscapes USA 610-329-3935. We are here to help transform your space and fill it with life and warmth. If you are located near Philadelphia and are interested in a free consultation to see what we can do for your scape, please reach out to us today.

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