What are the Best Activities to Enjoy During your St. Lucia Honeymoon?

What are the Best Activities to Enjoy During your St. Lucia Honeymoon?

St. Lucia is among the most romantic Caribbean destinations. With lush rainforests, vibrant local culture, and scenic locations, this island attracts many visitors. Around 424 thousand tourists visited this beautiful land in 2019 alone. 

A honeymoon is all about spending some quality, romantic time with your loved one. Your St. Lucia honeymoon will undoubtedly leave you with fond and unforgettable memories. Make sure to explore and engage in all the incredible activities it offers. 

Below are some of the best activities to enjoy with your partner at St. Lucia:

Take A Romantic Dip Under the Rainforest Waterfall

Head to the Toraille Waterfalls to take a romantic dip with your partner. This beautiful waterfall comes down from around 50 feet over the cliff. It collects into a pool in which you can take a plunge together.

The surrounding tropical gardens add to the beauty of the scene. Enjoy a relaxing swim along the refreshing waters. You can also splash around and have a fun time together. 

Go Hiking

If you are in the mood for some adventure, explore the lush rainforests of St. Lucia. The hike here can get strenuous. It takes approximately three to four hours to complete the trial. However, the reward is worth it. 

An incredible view of the sea and distant mountains awaits you. Moreover, you can get a close look at the several exotic plants and flowers. If you prefer an easier hike, you can also choose the mile-long trials. A guide accompanies you to ensure your safety. 

Enjoy A Private Candlelight Dinner

Head to a private beach to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner. You can choose a secluded, romantic spot at the dock or the beach. Evenings are usually the best time to pick. You can dine while overlooking the magnificent ocean.

The setting sun creates the perfect aura. With delicious food and some indulgent wine, you can create a memorable evening together. 

Explore the Underwaters

Snorkeling at St. Lucia can offer you an intimate exploration of marine life. Swim under the sea with your partner in this dreamy location. You will spot beautiful corals and tropical fish.

This adventure will leave you with many memorable moments. You can explore the reefs and the exotic sea life together. 

Charter a Sailboat

The pristine waters, clear blue skies with the gentle breeze of St. Lucia call for sailing. You can head to one of the island’s many yachting centers and charter a sailboat. Sail along the beautiful coast. Breeze through the inviting coves and bays.

This relaxing ride will surely rejuvenate you two. You can sail into the sunset to capture your romantic time. 

Bathe in Sulphur Springs 

Mud baths at spas are rejuvenating for your skin. At St. Lucia, you can bathe in a natural mud bath. Sulphur Springs at Soufriere bring you this unique experience. You can cover the warm grey mud over yourselves. Wash it off at the springs.

You can also cool off at the nearby waterfall. Enjoy this unique experience together to detoxify, restore and heal your skin. A relaxing and refreshing bath amidst nature is surely worthwhile.

This beautiful island will leave you two mesmerized with its beauty. Enjoy and make the most of your St. Lucia honeymoon by engaging in these amazing activities. This memorable trip will give you some cherished experiences.

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