Best Emergency Vehicle Equipment – Mini LED Light Bar

Best Emergency Vehicle Equipment  – Mini LED Light Bar

Finding the right LED light bars might seem a daunting task but we have made this task easier for you. To help showcase the various types of bars, whether you are searching for LED light bars for a truck or car, we have put together a convenient guide.
This is where Mini LED Light bars come into play. While choosing a light bar, this helpful guide offers some insight into the different features which are available.

This LED light bar comparison guide will be able to educate you to ensure that you get the best product without wasting your time, money or energy if you are serious about purchasing an LED light bar.

Emergency Vehicle Equipment

Basic Intro into LED Light Bars

It could be really beneficial to give you a little bit of background into LED light bars before we get started.

Mainly due to the fact of their efficiency as well as a long list of other advantages which are connected to use these specific types of lights, LED or light-emitting diodes have been growing in their popularity for decades.

When electricity if applied to it, it propels the light forward in a form of electroluminescence as a LED is a semiconductor diode. It can often be found in automobiles, offices and a vast majority of electronics to put it simply.

As to why the LED light bars are so popular there is really no contest to it.

You should be learning about the options before you go ahead to choose to purchase a bar.

Comparing LED Light Bars

The option seems limitless when it comes to choosing an LED light bar. There are varying sizes, shapes, beam patterns and manufacturers to sway your decision for example.

LED LIghts

Considering the size

It will depend on the vehicle itself with the size of the LED light bar which you need to choose for your vehicle. For your particular car, it goes without saying that you will require a bar which is proportionate and appropriate as the aesthetics is a factor which is important to you.

Meaning that larger bars will provide brighter lights and the larger light bars means it will have more bulbs in it. The initial range of the bars is 4 inches to 50 inches.

The size of the budget should also be considered along with the size of the vehicle. Larger the light is more money it will be costing.


There are really only two choices which are the curved LED Light bar or a straight LED light bar or a straight LED light bar when choosing the shape of an LED light bar.

More than vehicle or budget, this choice will come down to personal preference.

Nor the shape which an any benefit over any others, as the shape aspect is simply all about the aesthetics. It is more appealing to you in terms of choosing the bar shape.

The mounting options

In terms of LED light bars, where do you plan on mounting them/. Before you make a purchase before even commencing to shop, this is a question which you should have the answer for.

Led Light BarsWhile the others choose to place them on the bumper or above the windshield, some of the individuals prefer to mount them on the bar and on the top of the vehicle.

You need to ensure that wherever you place the light it will be operating according to your needs while all of these options are acceptable.

The Beam Patterns

The next thing which you should consider is the beam pattern. You can get three different types of beam patterns from which you can choose:

  • Spot
  • Flood
  • Combination

Allowing it to reach a longer distance, a spot beam pattern has been known to be much narrower. This option is frequently chosen for on-road driving. Making it the ideal choice as off-road lights and for off-road driving is what the flood beams offers a wider light.

Consider a combination of beam pattern if your budget allows it and you can plan to use your LED light bar for a multiple purpose. With both the flood and spot LEDs is what a combination of beam pattern is equipped with.

Color of LED

Some colors may offer an advantage over the others as LED lights come in different colors. A white light will provide the brightest color and is most popular for all driving lights for example.

For fog and low visibility conditions, amber light is best for this use. Blue, red and green are known as the attention seekers and are often used by medical or emergency vehicles and these are the other color options.

It is a personal choice and should be chosen according to your intentions with the light bar as color perhaps are more than any other feature. The color of the LED can affect the price and it is important to note.

CLors Of LED

The number of rows

When determining how many rows you will require your LED light bars to have as it might be single or double as there are two different options which are included.

It will cost more money as the double row will be producing more light and are often the more popular choice but it will also cost more money while being double on the row.

A single row LED may be appropriate for you if you want your vehicle to be more low profiles. Consider your particular type of vehicle and which row would look the best for this feature.

Manufacturers of LED Light bar

There are many manufacturers to choose from when looking at different LED light bars as with any type of product. To read reviews left by other customers and comparing what one company might be offering over another it is best to not only see the bars in person.

To meet your needs only you can decide which style, size, and beam pattern of an LED light bar are best for you.

You should also feel more comfortable choosing a bar which wills for your expectations, now that you are more familiar with the various options which are there for you.

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