Why Build a Swimming Pool in Summer?

Why Build a Swimming Pool in Summer?

In the winter months, homeowners aren’t particularly thinking about swimming in their pools or about building swimming pools in their backyards. However, the swimming pool building has many advantages when you build in the winter months. Keep reading to find out why you should build your swimming pool before the summer season.

What are the Advantages to Winter Pool Building?

Not only are you not thinking about swimming in the winter but why would pool building be more beneficial in the winter months. To answer this question simply, convenience. Not only is it convenient, but it is cheaper. There is less of a demand for swimming pool materials in the winter months which means swimming pool builders don’t have to spend as much on your swimming pool.

You won’t have to fight for a spot on the pool builders list to get your swimming pool built in the winter. That is one of the biggest disadvantages of summer pool building. You may not even get your swimming pool built until the fall. At that rate, it would’ve been better to proceed with your swimming pool building in the winter.

Swimming Pool Building Options

When building the swimming pool of your dreams you want to make sure the design is perfect for you and your family. Some classic additional features always make a swimming pool stand out, as well as some more spontaneous features that will turn your backyard into an oasis.

Think of these pool features during your swimming pool building process. One of the more modern options is a raised spa that is attached to your swimming pool. This feature provides a sense of hierarchy in the backyard. This feature can even be doubled as a waterfall because it can flow off the spa into the swimming pool.

One water feature that always makes a swimming pool stand out is a tall grotto. A grotto is essentially a cave designed into your swimming pool. On the outside, it just looks like a tall waterfall that people can jump from. It doesn’t stop there, when you swim into the waterfall it turns into a cave where you can sit around in a circle and hangout. This water feature is popular if your a household that likes to throw a lot of pool parties.

Build a Swimming Pool with Premier Pools & Spas

It is important to build with a swimming pool builder that has been around for a while and knows what they’re doing. Naturally, spring and summer bring warmer and drier weather so most pool builders become very busy with pool installations during this time. The earlier that you solidify your plans the more likely it is that your pool will be ready for you to enjoy all summer long.

To a certain degree deciding what type of pool (and what pool company) to go with is the easy part. Once you’ve made that decision there are still several factors that can influence when your pool goes in the ground. A few of the things that impact on when your pool will be installed include:

Your design plan

It’s one thing to decide what shape, size, and brand of pool you want but before your pool plan can be submitted to authorities for approval you’ll have to decide on its exact position as well as where the pool enclosure boundaries will be. The sooner you make these crucial decisions the sooner your pool builder will be able to get the ball rolling for you.

Obtaining Consent

Before you install a swimming pool in your backyard you must obtain consent from your local council/planning authority. This process involves submitting a detailed plan of the pool and surrounding areas for their consideration. The approval process can take up to six weeks (sometimes longer if they ask for more information). During that time construction is unable to begin.

Your pool builder’s production timeline

Once you have received the appropriate approvals, your pool builder can place your pool into their installation timeline. It is important to remember that your pool builder may have several pools ahead of them before they can begin swimming pool construction on your site. The earlier you get the ball rolling the more chance there is that your pool builder’s timetable will match yours.

The type of pool you choose: some pool types are far faster than others to install. Whilst a composite fiberglass pool can usually be installed over several days (with a typical handover in a couple of weeks), it can take several weeks or even months to complete a concrete pool.

Although a Compass pool can be quick and easy to install, we still tell people that the best advice is to allow yourself several months to go through the planning and approval process. In other words, if you truly do want to be swimming in your new pool on Christmas day it pays to have your pool contract locked in place by the beginning of spring.

The best advice is to have an honest conversation with your pool builder about the time frames you can expect to work within. All companies are different and some will be “booked up” for summer sooner than others. If you are getting close to summer and your pool builder is suggesting that your pool will be installed within a tight time frame, make sure you’re not walking into an “over-promise/under-deliver” situation. We also create a readymade swimming pool, so if you are looking forward to building a luxurious swimming drop down to our page for detailed insights.

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