Buy iPhone 6 Screen Parts

Buy iPhone 6 Screen Parts

So, it happened. The unthinkable. The sum of all fears: you broke the screen on your beloved iPhone! Maybe you dropped it onto the concrete while you were getting out of your car. Maybe your rascal of a cat batted it off the edge of your nightstand. Whatever the cause, a cracked or smashed screen is an all too common, and often maddening, malady that most long time iPhone owners have had to deal with at one time or another. Due to the glass construction of the screen…they can hardly be blamed! Even buying a high-end phone case designed to absorb impact and protect your device can oftentimes do little to limit the damage caused by drops with such a fragile component. So, what to do? What are your options now that you’re stuck with an iPhone with a big ugly crack running through the screen? Most users will default to contacting Apple to deal with this issue, and while in many cases this is the most prudent route to take, it is certainly not the only one. Here we’ll break down what options you will have if your device is still under warranty when the damage occurs.

First off, we’ll be assuming for the sake of this scenario that said damage was a result of an accident or user error – were the problems a manufacturing defect? You are, of course, covered by the standard Apple warranty and have nothing to worry about. But if you simply dropped your phone and it broke (as happens in the majority of these cases), you could be out of luck, and you may have to cough up quite a bit of cash to get it fixed. If you sprung for the AppleCare+ coverage you can have your screen repaired up to two times for a nominal $30 fee, but if not, the standard warranty doesn’t apply to accidental damage, and therefore you will be on the hook for the full cost of the repair – which, depending on your model, will range anywhere from $129 for an iPhone 6 to almost $300 for their latest model, the iPhone X – not cheap! Users who find themselves with a broken screen outside of warranty will often find themselves looking for other avenues to get their device fixed.

But despair not, iPhone lovers, for there are other options available to those willing to do a little more shopping around. Due to the immense popularity of the iPhone, there is a wide selection of Iphone 6 Screen Parts available from various aftermarket retailers. Screens can often be had for a mere fraction of the cost of having a manufacturer repair job done, and even higher quality screens are cheap compared to the potential cost of fixing an device with no warranty. Once you’ve acquired the parts you need, you’ll just need to find someone to complete the installation (unless you have specialized knowledge and tools, doing it yourself is not recommended). This can usually be taken care of by technicians at a variety of third party computer shops and phone or electronics dealers. Certain shops, known as Authorized Service Providers, are even licensed through Apple to do these sorts of repairs, allowing customers to have their devices worked on without voiding warranty. The number one caveat that users who choose this option should be aware of is the flood of low quality parts on the market today. Many imitators have rushed shoddy replacement components to the market, which is why those in the know will shop for their iPhone 6 screen parts at iDemiGods, where quality and selection are always at your fingertips.

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