Buying the right bike for your kid

Buying the right bike for your kid

Buying the right bike for your kid

Would you like to offer your little one an effective solution to help him learn about life, motor skills and independence? In this case, the child bike is the perfect product because as you will see in this article, it is a device that offers only advantages. However, for your satisfaction to be complete, it will also be important to make sure to choose the right child bike, which, despite appearances, can prove to be much more complex than it seems. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you everything about this type of bike, which will allow you to conduct your research by being sure to find the perfect model. In this kids bike buyer’s guide, we will give you many tips that will help you quickly know what the product is likely to please your dear blonde head.

A child bike, what is it exactly?

The child bike is a product that knows an infinity of variants, which guarantees you to find the most suitable model for your little one. Specifically, it is a miniature bike, compared to standard bikes such as mountain bikes or electric bikes for example. It will allow your child to become familiar with the world of cycling while taking a minimum risk. Of course, your vigilance will be required because in the early days, it is unlikely that your child can walk miles without falling. However, you will quickly realize, with each stroke of the pedal, it will gain in ease and balance.

A child bike is a product that has been designed to be much more balanced than an adult bike, which will allow your little one to use it while drastically reducing any risk of falling. The child bike also has many safety features, and what makes all its charm is that it is usually very colorful. One thing is certain, after you have offered such a bike to your child, there is no doubt that he will not imagine for one moment being able to do without him so much he will like to stroll on this new means of locomotion, this which will give him the impression of acting like the grown-ups.

Why buy a kid’s bike?

There are many reasons to buy a kid bikes adelaide, which is why it’s one of the best-selling bikes around the world. At first, such equipment helps to promote the autonomy of your child since it will be confronted with himself and will have to use imagination and logic to keep his balance in order not to fall. The child bike is a great way to help your child grow at his own pace, and the strength of this type of product is that the results will be visible very quickly.

Then, a child bike will help your little one to strengthen his confidence in him. Indeed, every meter of bike that he will perform will seem to be a victory, which will reinforce him in the idea that he is able to undertake things while succeeding. Finally, unlike many other games and toys, the child bike is a very solid product that will be able to withstand many years of intensive use without ever weakening, subject of course that it is maintained properly, which therefore the fact that buying a child bike can be akin to a particularly profitable investment.

Which child bike to choose to be sure to please?

Children are complicated, and a product that would please one would not necessarily please the other, and vice versa. However, there is a simple solution to make sure you choose a child bike that will make your little one happy. Indeed, as we will see below, it is necessary to respect a few criteria of choice to find a child bike perfect in every way. But in addition to these few criteria, there are also several tips that will guarantee you to please your child, regardless of age or budget.

At first, even before he gets on his child bike, your little protege will see his bike. At this point, it will be important that the product please him visually. That’s why we invite you to choose a child bike that suits their tastes. Go around his toys, his comforter duvet or his favorite clothes if you do not know what colors he likes. Then, a child always wants to be like the big ones. That’s why it’s best to have a child bike with a design that is as close as possible to an adult bike, yet still childish.

How to choose a child bike adapted to his little one?

We will reveal below what are the criteria for choosing a child bike. As you will be able to see for yourself, these different criteria are not complicated to study. However, they must all be respected to the letter, without any compromise. Indeed, making sure to respect all these criteria, you will be sure to please your child and therefore, you will be fully satisfied with your purchase.

Choose a child bike adapted to the age of the user

At first, even if it seems obvious, it will be essential that you choose a child bike that is adapted to the age of your child. If he is only 3 years old, the model will obviously not be the same as if he were 10 or 12 years for example. What is interesting at this level is that the brands communicate very often on the ages recommended for the children’s bikes that they market, which will leave very little room for the risk of error. Nevertheless, take this criterion of choosing a child bike very seriously; otherwise your investment could be reduced to nothing.

In addition, your child will grow up, and it would be a pity if he could only use his bike for a few months. That’s why we recommend you turn to an evolutionary child bike that will accompany your little one for many years. This evolving child bike principle mainly concerns the saddle and the handlebar that can be raised to ensure more comfort for the child.

The intended use of the child bike

Then it will be very important for you to be able to estimate the use your child will make of his next child bike. Indeed, the model to choose will not be at all the same depending on whether he planned to use it in your garden, in the countryside or only on tar for example. By meeting this criterion, you will mainly affect the resistance of the child bike over time as you can imagine, a child city bike used in rough roads would last less than if used on flat ground.

The advantage of the child bike, as we have been able to tell you before, is the fact that it has many different variants. For example, you will be able to choose a child’s mountain bike, a child’s bike or even a child’s electric bike for example. But in any case, this type of equipment must be suitable for the use your child has planned to make.

Choose a child bike according to the size of the child

Of course, for your child to fully enjoy using his new child bike, it will be necessary for it to match its size. And it is true that today, many parents are wondering what size of child bike to choose based on the size of the child. To help you, we wanted to present below a very clear summary of children’s bikes that will match the size of your little one.

    • From 85 centimeters to 1 meter: 10 inch kid’s bike (including balance bike and tricycles).
    • From 90 centimeters to 1.05 meters: 12 or 14 inches child bike.
    • From 1.05 meters to 1.20 meters: 16 inches child bike.
    • From 1.20 meters to 1.35 meters: 20 inches child bike.
    • From 1.35 meter to 1.55 meter: 24 inches child bike.

Child bike safety features

Finally, so that your child can have fun without taking any risk whatsoever, it will be important that his child bike has enough safety devices. Depending on the model, these devices can be very different, although some remain still common to all bikes. Concretely, if your child is still young, it will be better for you to choose a child bike with wheels. Of course, once he is completely comfortable, you can remove these wheels instead of having to buy a new bike.

In addition, certain models of children’s bicycles are also equipped with fork protections to minimize the risk of your child receiving projectiles while riding. Finally, a child bike is not enough for itself to ensure your child’s safety. We strongly recommend that you buy him a child bike helmet or even knee pads so that even in case of a fall, his safety is fully assured.

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