Cheap Dab Rigs With Free Shipping

Cheap Dab Rigs With Free Shipping

Getting cheap dab rigs with free shipping can pose a big challenge. A Dab Rigs is a filtering system used to ingest concentrates or “dabs.”

Dab rigs are designed for concentrates and have improved flavor and steam quality than bong or dry pipes.

What is a Dab Rig and How Does it Work? • Green Rush Daily

In recent years, Dab Rigs has gained prominence thanks to improved access to concentrates across the United States and globally.

But getting cheap dab rigs with free shipping has not been easy. In this article, we list down dab rigs that are not only cheap to buy but can also be shipped to your location free of charge.

11 Cheap Dab Rigs With Free Shipping

  1. Evri starter pack
  2. 12mm concentrate taster
  3. Glycerin coil w/ colored inline perc bong
  4. Inline perc to tree perc water pipe
  5. Half fab egg triple recycler
  6. 12mm concentrate taster
  7. Glycerin coil beaker bong with gold accents
  8. Elite plus smart rig
  9. Authentic CPENAIL Vape Pen Starter Kit 1500mAh Dab Rig GR2 Pure Titanium Portable Wax Vaporizer Ceramic Quartz E Nail vape pen
  10. Original Silicone Bong with Eject-a-Bowl
  11. Rig II Silicone Water Pipe

Dab Rig Accessories

For your dabbing experience to be complete, you will need the following accessories:

Dab’s Nail

You’re going to need a dab nail, for instance. Dab Nails are available in many types and materials, the most common being the Quartz Banger Nail.

Dab’s Torch

Dab Torches are used to heat your quartz, titanium ceramic, or glass dab nails before use. Choose the perfect size, color, and flame style from our top brand Dab Torches range!

Carb Cap

A carbohydrate cap contains a vapor within the dab nail, which helps to take advantage of low-temperature dabbing. Using a carb cap helps you to get the full flavor and terpene profile from your concentrates.


Dabbers are used to move concentrates from their bottle to your dab nail. Dabbers are available in various sizes, colors, and tip types to work with some focused consistency.


Keeping your rig (and particularly your dab nail) clean is an integral part of a safe dab experience. After each dab, make sure that you q-tip a banger nail to prolong the life of your quartz banger nail.

How Do Dab Rigs Work?

Dab Rigs use water to cool the steam generated by putting a “dab” of concentrates on a hot “dab nail.”

Although the dab nail serves as a melting pot, the user puts his lips on the mouthpiece and inhales. 

This suction forces the vapor through the lower mechanism and the water chamber into the dab platform. 

The water chamber functions as a radiator and immediately cools down the heat vapor to a comfortable temperature for you to inhale your lungs.

Almost every Dab-Rig has some sort of diffusion that forces vapor to form millions of tiny, beautiful bubbles through a series of small, immersed holes! 

These small bubbles put more steam in direct contact with water, which means a quicker, refreshing time than you would with a large steam bubble. 

This quicker cooling removes the concentrate overcooling and new concentrate.

Factors to Remember When You’re Buying a Dab Rig Online:

Sometimes cheap is expensive. That shouldn’t be the case when you are buying your dab rig online. 

For you to get value for your money, make sure you put these factors into consideration:


  • Is your dab rig Classic Dab Rigs
  • Mini Rigs
  • Nectar Collectors
  • E-Rigs
  • Silicone Dab Rigs

Is It Analog Or Digital?

It’s 2020, and here’s the age of the Bluetooth dabs. So are you for the digital or analog dab rigs?

Although many dabs enjoy the classic quartz nail heating method with a dab torch and tuning their dabs, many modern dabs take full advantage of the simplicity, reliability, and portability of digital E-Rigs.


Is it easy to enjoy your dab on the go or the couch? If you are dabbing at home, then a traditional dab rig with a quartz banger nail is your device.

But if you are always traveling, then an e-rig for a more digital experience.

How Often You Dab

If you are a constant dabber, you will need a device that can withstand the inevitable occurrences.

Conclusion on Cheap Dab Rigs with Free Shipping

Finally, cheap dab rigs with free shipping can be what you need to make your dabbing experience great.

Dab rigs can be expensive to get and buy online owing to the increased number of fraudsters. Thus be very careful not to fall victim.

Make your orders on well-known and accredited platforms like amazon and prepare to start your dabbing journey with ease.

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