3 Best Communication Mediums to Keep Prospects Engaged

3 Best Communication Mediums to Keep Prospects Engaged

Just finding customers is not enough to run a business. You have to make sure that they keep using your products or services. It’s three times more expensive to find a new customer than to engage an existing one. Besides, you can’t keep attracting new customers and ignoring them.

It’s important for every business to keep in touch with their prospects and encourage them to return to you. This not only gets you more sales but also ensures customer loyalty. This article has discussed how you can communicate with your prospects and customers to engage them.

Text Messages

Text message marketing is much more advanced now and is proven to bring a high return on very low investment. Smartphones have made this mode of communication much more efficient and easy. People are no longer annoyed by text messages as they used to. You should learn this marketing tactic and how to send a future text that serves your purpose. People always read their text messages even if they ignore their social media inbox and WhatsApp.

Facebook and Instagram

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become an addiction for billions of people. They check their feeds after every few minutes to keep themselves up to date. This has made these platforms a great medium for marketing. You can make sure your audience doesn’t forget you by posting planned updates.

Customer Service on Call

An audio call is still the fastest and best way to engage customers and provide post-sales services. While people may be annoyed by sales calls, they always appreciate the feedback and customer service calls. Take contact numbers of your customers when they visit you and later call them for feedback or to inform them of new sales and discounts.

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