Different Ways to Install Blinds in Windows

Different Ways to Install Blinds in Windows

Blinds certainly are not just blinds. You have multiple options to select. As soon as you have filter in on your option that you find to be the most excellent, you may feel comfort as your half job is already done.

Now you have to map how to install the blinds. It’s amazingly complicated. Just like there are many diverse types of blinds to opt from, there are relatively a few altered ways to hang blinds on the required windows. Here are some key ways people installing blinds on the windows and why you might desire one installation process over the other.

Inside the frame

The most frequent way to hang window blinds is to fit them inside the frame, and it’s simple to do so. Many homeowners have a preference to this technique of hanging blinds because then they don’t add to the mass of the window. In adding together, hanging blinds in this method won’t get in the way with the trim, which is enormously significant if you have that being highlighted.

This installation technique also makes it simple to cover the holes if the blinds are disconnected. All hardware is in the frame as a replacement to outside, making the revamp work much less unpleasant.

On to the frame

You may be speculating why anyone would ever think hanging the required blinds on the frame. There are some decent reasons:

    • In some of the use cases, you don’t have an alternative. As some windows are flat against the wall, which lets hanging the blinds on to the frame which is your only choice.
    • If you want people to focus on your windows, making them bulkier with blinds that hang on the frame which is a fine way to create a centre of attention attention.
    • Hanging blinds on the frame can also offer you with better coverage, particularly if the blinds cover the overall trim as well as the required window pane.

Window treatments

Even though quality blinds appear grand on their own, whether installed on the frame from the inside or at the outside, most people like to augment their blinds with window treatments.


There in fact is no correct or incorrect way to hang your blinds in Adelaide, as long as they are hung steadily and securely. If you are confused, contact an expert or follow the manufacturer’s offered directions.

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