Don’t Fall for These Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment Purchasing Myths

Don’t Fall for These Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment Purchasing Myths

When shopping for commercial kitchen equipment, it’s easy to fall prey to the various assumptions and rumors about used options. However, many of these presumptions are false, causing numerous people to miss out on excellent opportunities. In fact, many are pleasantly surprised to find out the truth about this money-saving alternative to new supplies. To help combat the false accusations and provide the truth behind them, here are four common myths about Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

Myth 1: Used Kitchen Equipment Means Highly Abused Hardware

When you purchase from a trusted seller, you can rest assured you are not getting a product in an “as-is” type of condition. While there are used sellers out there who do not care and only clean up the hardware, a trusted seller will fully refurbish every piece with a licensed technician to ensure every item is as close to its original condition and performance capabilities as possible. When you purchase from a trusted seller, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you are buying quality equipment. This knowledge comes from knowing that, before placing an item up for sale, trusted sellers will ensure each equipment piece is cleaned, tested, and restored to meet or exceed all of the manufacturer’s specifications for the product.

Myth 2: Stainless Steel Appliances Do Not Rust

Appliances come in a wide variety of stainless steel grades. While each type is rust resistant, it varies depending on the kind of stainless steel degree it is. Unfortunately, many foods are acid-based and thus can wear lower grades of stainless steel down. To help minimize this risk, you should always buy a 300-grade stainless steel option or better to prevent rusting.

Myth 3: If There Are Problems With Used Equipment, You’re On Your Own

Most established distributors stand behind their products. While used options do not have long-term warranties, many companies will offer some form of return policy or short-term warranty to prevent defects and unforeseen flaws.

Myth 4: If You Buy Older Equipment, You’ll Have Trouble Finding Replacement Parts

As with any appliance, used equipment can have issues or require spare parts (ex. additional accessories like whisk options for a mixer). While older parts aren’t as commonplace as newer models, they are easier to track down than you think, and many used appliance dealers can help point you in the right direction in the event you require additional parts.

Myth 5: You Won’t Be Able To Find What You Need

While it is true that buying new provides a better selection, there are extensive used kitchen supply inventories that are regularly updated. Whether you know precisely the type of used commercial kitchen equipment you require or need help determining what options are best, most used kitchen supply dealers can help you find the exact supplies you need.

Myth 6: You Can Only Purchase Used Items Online

While the Internet has broadened the opportunities for finding used kitchen equipment by using your computer or mobile device, it is not the only option to get used equipment. Many trusted distributors offer both online and showroom options, allowing you the ability to purchase in the most suitable format for your needs. Plus, going to a showroom to find the used equipment you require will let you see the items you want to outfit your kitchen with before purchasing.

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