Educational Toys: What Is The Best

Educational Toys: What Is The Best

Educational toys for babies have the advantage that they are very entertaining and, at the same time, favor the development of certain skills. During the first months of life, the baby loves to explore. Hence, this class of toys represents the best option for the child to discover the environment around him.

The variety of educational toys is huge. Likewise, it must be taken into account that each stage of growth will correspond to one type or another. Having this aspect clear is the way to get it right. Next, we leave you with a guide with tips to choose the educational toy that suits the baby’s needs, for example, unique wooden toys.

The most important

Educational toys have the ability to entertain children while teaching them new things depending on their stage of development.

They are the optimal tool to stimulate psychomotor, cognitive, social, linguistic or emotional skills, among others.

To succeed with the toy, it is essential to ensure that the age range is appropriate, as well as that it meets all safety requirements.

The best educational toys on the market: our favorites

If there is a baby at home, sooner or later it will be necessary to use an educational toy. Depending on the characteristics of each model, it will contribute to its cognitive, psychomotor, language or memory development, among others. These are some of the best educational toys you can find in the market today.

Suitable for babies from 6 months, this Amazon’s Choice educational toy stands out for its color and versatility. It consists of five rings of different colors and sizes that are stacked within an axis. The smaller ring is transparent and houses balls inside, so it also acts as a rattle.

Educational Toys

The base of this stackable Fisher-Price toy swings, allowing the game to be much more dynamic. It is an article that favors the coordination of the baby’s hand-eye, as it is designed so that it holds, stacks or shakes the pieces. It also allows the child to distinguish sizes and learn to recognize colors.

The best educational toy to develop memory and logic

Block toys are some of the most recommended for babies. Therefore, it is not surprising that this Amazon’s Choice educational toy is one of the most sought after for children 6 months and older. It consists of a cube and 10 blocks of different shapes and colors that will immediately capture the child’s attention.

The idea is that the baby inserts each piece through the hole in the same way located in the lid of the cube. This game, therefore, enhances the development of your fine motor skills while exercising your memory and logic. The bucket is equipped with a handle for easier transport. Inside perfectly fit each of the 10 blocks.

The best educational building toy

Considered one of Amazon’s best-selling educational toys, it is a model that includes 60 building blocks of different shapes and colors. With them, the child can get carried away by his imagination and put together the funniest creations. Suitable for children from 1 year, it is designed for handling by small hands.

One of the highlights of this toy is that it admits infinite construction possibilities. The children can exercise their creativity for hours, assembling and disassembling at will. Thus, not only their motor skills are favored, but they also practice problem-solving and concentration.

The funniest educational toy to learn numbers

This colorful bump bench made of sturdy wood and suitable for babies will bring hilarious moments to the kids in the house. It is accompanied by a mallet with which children will have to hit the birds that appear. They will have to be attentive so that none is up, as they constantly rise.

Each hit will offer a sound effect that the baby will have a lot of fun. Its simple operation favors the development of motor skills in babies, while their hands, eyes, and ears are stimulated. Since each bird has a printed number, it is a good formula to learn them. It is a toy for children from 18 months.

The most complete educational toy for kids

Suitable for babies from 18 months, this workbench draws attention for the many fun options it offers. Thanks to this toy, the little one will learn numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. By incorporating lights and sounds and enabling various activities, the baby will spend some time entertaining while exercising his coordination.

This article allows you to classify the blocks, screw and hit with the hammer. Thus, it is equipped with different pieces of various shapes and colors, a hammer, a saw, a drill, a screwdriver or a wrench, among other elements. The toy works with two AA batteries and has an integrated volume control.

What are the benefits of educational toys?

The first advantage of educational toys is obvious. They represent a source of fun for children, regardless of their age. But the best thing is that in educational toys, fun and learning go hand in hand. While they remain entertained, without realizing it, they acquire certain skills.

In the case of babies, the educational game favors the desire for exploration, exercises their global motor skills and enhances eye-hand coordination. With them, the kids train their memory and are excellent to satisfy their manipulation desires.

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