Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

The windows provide light and offer an exterior view, but the loss of heat even through a double glazed window can achieve 10 times the heat loss of an insulated wall. Honeycomb blinds can increase the R-value of the windows and contribute to the decoration of a room. I am working on a plan to redecorate some parts of my house and I have developed the following window treatment plan to help keep the cold during the winter.

Window Processing Requirements

There were some key features that interested me when I was preparing my window treatments.

Energy efficiency: First of all, I wanted my window treatments to help make the room more comfortable.

Ensure privacy and light: I currently use opaque tones that offer privacy or light, but not both at the same time.

Light control: if I want to darken the room, I have this option.

Seductive: window ornaments should add to the aesthetics of the room and not eliminate it.

Window treatment layers

Like dressing in layers to keep warm, dressing layered windows also helps increase energy efficiency, versatility and visual appeal of windows. The layers will consist of a bubble film attached to the glass (for some windows), a two-cell honeycomb blinds and a set of thermo-folded curtain panels with a closed cornice.

This will create an additional 4 to 5 airbags, in addition to the airbag in the double-glazed glass, which will increase the insulation capacity. The first air pocket is in the bubble film, the second between the window and the cellular blind, 2 airbags in the cellular blind and finally the air pocket between the blind and the curtains when the curtains are closed.

Bubble paper

Bubble film increases the insulation of the window. This will obstruct the view while letting in the light. It will be applied to the windows once the weather has fallen and is eliminated when it starts to warm up and will be used only in the windows for which I don’t care about the view.

The bubble film must be cut to fit the window glass. Mix a solution of water with a drop of liquid soap, spray generously on the glass and press the bubble film on the window, as if you were applying a window film. It will keep the bubble film in place and facilitate its removal in the spring. If stored carefully, bubble wrap should last several years.

Honeycomb Two Cell Blinds

The next layer will consist of two-cell blinds that will help insulate the window by providing 2 airbags in the shade. The blinds filter the light and allow the light to enter the room even when the honeycomb blinds cover the windows. Many feature a down / up function that reduces the tone of the upper part to allow more light and visibility while maintaining privacy. The only disadvantage compared to blinds is that it is impossible to obtain good air circulation, some light, and some privacy.

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