ESignature Enables Businesses to Get Agreements Signed 21 Times Faster Than Paper

ESignature Enables Businesses to Get Agreements Signed 21 Times Faster Than Paper

Do you want maximum ROI from your business? Well, all you have to do is to invest in a reliable electronic signature app such as Esignly. With electronic signature technology, you can shorten your sales cycle tremendously. However, for this to happen, you should be ready to use e-signature technology from the start to the last stage of your selling process. With the right electronic signature software, businesses can digitalize their operations without having to spend big. Organizations looking to improve productivity, reduce costs, mitigate risks and offer wow experiences for their clients cannot afford to keep ignoring e-signatures. Nevertheless, those who choose to overlook the electronic technology are basically discriminating against themselves in terms of opportunities. Unsurprisingly, it has been discovered that electronic signatures help to minimizes costs by up to 30%, boost revenue by approximately 35%, improve onboarding and hiring processes significantly.

How to choose an effective electronic signature solution

With plenty of esignature solutions in the market, taking your time when choosing one is highly recommendable. Getting the right electronic signature technology is the key to a successful transitioning from a manual paper-based system to the paperless one without complications. Over the years, eSignature software has become more popular. Businesses of all sorts and sizes use them to facilitate millions of e-transactions all over the world. These kinds of signatures also enable easy entry of data; enhance documents security through authentication and verification of signatories. Important things to consider when choosing an e-signature solution include:

  • Device agnostic
  • Management capabilities
  • Excellent integration with popular online applications such as Dropbox, Google Docs, Evernote, OneDrive, Zoho and Salesforce.
  • The value offered in terms of ROI: A good e-signature solution should correspond to your business objective and needs leading to growth.
  • Level of security, authentication, and regulatory requirements: Should be compliant with the relevant governing bodies including the U.S. Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000 (ESIGN), European Union Directive 910/2014 (eIDAS) and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act(UETA).

9 key reasons why e-signatures enable agreements to get signed 21 times faster than paper

1.User-friendly and convenient

E-signatures are increasingly growing in popularity across the world due to their user-friendliness. Unlike in previous years, where signing documents was an inefficient and long process, modern businesses can use e signature software to eliminate several stages that make signing documents complicated including scanning, printing, mailing, and manual signing. In today’s fast-paced digital world, multiple signatories can effectively sign numerous business agreements in seconds quickening business operations in the process. Moreover, businesses are required to keep their documents protected, secure and safe 24/7 since any loss of valuable data can have dire consequences for them. In simpler terms; electronic Signature solutions ensure businesses operate securely and smoothly.

2.Accelerated analysis and accuracy

Electronic signatures provide accelerated time for effective marketing leading to enhanced competitiveness. Additionally, e-signatures grant better and more accurate information triggering faster decisions. With increased time-to-market, businesses can easily afford to retain customers, attract new business and stand out from their competition successfully. Other than that, advanced analytics offered by electronic signatures allow retroactive syncing of data leading to enhanced agility and business growth.

3. Saves Time

The traditional process of signing documents is usually long and time-consuming. Documents have to be scanned, printed, and mailed to various recipients for signatures. Unfortunately; such complications lead to wasted time and delayed documents signing. As a businessperson, you need to dump any paper-based system that causes you sleepless nights. In contrast, electronic signatures help to make the signing process more efficient thus reducing wastage of company time. Ultimately, saved time can be used to improve efficiency, make better decisions and generate more revenue for businesses.

4.Reduced risk of oversights

Electronic signature software such as eSignly help businesses to not only discover but also minimize the risk of oversights, and resolve issues that may cause customer dissatisfaction. By and large, additional insights enable businesses to navigate today’s market demands through agility, additional insights, and independence. Organizations can proactively improve their products with minimal support and provide an enhanced user experience.

5.Flexibility and Accessibility

E-signature technology comes with democratized analytics and easy accessibility of data. data expanded data access. Unlike the outdated methods of signing documents, electronic signatures allow multiple parties to access data and sign documents simultaneously provided they are internet-connected which enables agreements to get signed 21 times faster than paper. In today’s fast-changing world of technology, it would make no sense to drag clients to specific locations just to sign documents as it would be time-wasting. With the enhanced flexibility provided by electronic signatures, businesses can effectively get documents signed faster. In addition, it becomes possible for them to streamline processes, improve productivity and efficiency.

6.Enhanced effectiveness and marketing strategies

Businesses that embrace e-signature solutions enjoy enhanced effectiveness in their operations. These signatures allow them to come up with new marketing strategies and improve future performance. Flexibility empowers entrepreneurs to sign documents remotely while at the same time spread their operations into new markets, launch new products and share accurate product information with partners, clients and employees effectively. In the end, getting agreements signed quickly makes it possible to close more business deals.

7.Better stakeholder management

Using electronic technology can make the impossible possible. The technology allows multiple stakeholders to access your proposals but only the final decision-makers are allowed to sign the documents. Interestingly, non- signing stakeholders can easily identify the final decision maker based on their authority, and metrics leading to a faster agreement signing process as compared to paper.

8.Easy Adjustment or change of data

The use of eSignature technology spices the signing process significantly. Documents are usually stored in the cloud, making it easy for business owners, and team-leaders among authorized stakeholders to make important changes or adjustments on documents without inconveniences that can interfere with the deal progress.

9.Improved team productivity

The exciting thing about e-signatures is that they allow businesses to utilize their time productively. Teams don’t have to waste many hours scanning, filing, verifying, correcting errors, mailing or tracking documents. Instead, they can use saved time to improve efficiency, increase conversion rates and improve team productivity.


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