Why Every Parent Should Look into Online School for Summer Break

Why Every Parent Should Look into Online School for Summer Break

Most students look forward to the freedom summer brings; any type of school during break is the last thing on their minds. However, it’s important to recognize all the benefits online summer school can provide. It’s an opportunity for students to get ahead in courses, improve their grades, and prepare for college.

Whatever the reason, online summer school also gives students the scheduling flexibility to still be able to enjoy summer while achieving their academic goals. It’s a win-win.

Still not convinced? Read on for more reasons every parent should consider enrolling their student in an online charter schoolover summer.

It Prevents the Summer “Brain Drain”

The summer “brain drain” or “learning slide” happens to many students over break. Much of what they learn during the school year gets forgotten over the summer, with the most profound “drains” occurring in math, reading, and language. In fact, it can take teachers more than a month to get their students caught up to where they need to be when school starts in the fall. Simply being out of practice and not stretching their brains over the summer can put students behind. On the other hand, if students take just one class over summer, they’ll not only learn new material, but they’re more likely to remember what they learned during the previous school year and have a head start over their peers.

There’s Less Distraction

Because most students will opt to take just one or two classes over the summer, they have more time to focus on the specific subjects they’re learning. They don’t have to worry about juggling a schedule full of classes along with extracurricular activities. Summer is the perfect time for students to sign up for a class in a subject they usually struggle with. Online classes—any time of the year—also provide an environment with fewer distractions, since students learn on their own, without friends or classmates to steal their attention.

It Helps Them Prepare for College

Again, with less distraction over summer, students can sign up for more rigorous courses that’ll help them get ready for college. Many online charter schools offer honors, AP, and NCAA-accredited classes. These are designed to challenge students and, in the case of dual enrollment, AP classes, even give students college credits. At the very least, they are impressive to college admission departments. Taking them over the summer means they’ll have better focus and more time to dedicate to getting good grades in these subjects.

It Frees Up Space in Their Schedule for the Next School Year

If you have a high-achieving student, you’ve probably heard them bemoan scheduling conflicts and limitations that prevent them from taking the class they want. With online summer school, they can get their core classes, like Algebra or U.S. History out of the way before the school year starts. That way, they have more time in their schedule for the electives they’re passionate about.

It Gives Students the Potential to Graduate Early

If your student wants to graduate from high school early, online summer classes can get them there. Taking classes during the summer, especially over multiple summers, can help students get ahead and start racking up the credits they need for graduation.

Students Can Do All This Without Sacrificing Their Summer

You can’t really blame students for not wanting to give up their summer for more school. That’s the benefit of online summer school. Its flexibility means students can take remedial classes to make up a grade, get ahead in their coursework, and keep their minds sharp without having to sacrifice their summer. For the most part, students can choose when to complete their lessons and work on their assignments, and it can all be done from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, so there’s no need to miss out on any fun.

Summer’s around the corner! Contact us for more information on online school enrollment processes.

Author Bio: Christine Feher received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, Masters in Counseling, and Pupil Personnel Services Credential from Chapman University. She has worked in public schools for over 10 years. After working as a Guidance Counselor, she earned her Administrative Credential and has been the Principal of CalPac Online for 3 years.

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