Expert Hotel Safety Guidelines You Must Never Ignore

Expert Hotel Safety Guidelines You Must Never Ignore

While you are on a vacation, you might not worry much about hotel security as this is perhaps the last thing that will come to your mind. Nevertheless we always do hear a lot of news about ransacking of hotel rooms and other dangers that befall travellers. Hotel room break-ins, terrorist attacks, natural calamities and fires are some of the threats you might encounter on your hotel stay and hence you must exercise a good care to be able to safeguard yourself and your belongings during such events. Here are a few hotel safety guidelines given by experts that you must never ignore considering your safety when you look for a good Hotel Deal Peru.

What you must do before your stay

Much before you book your hotel room, do your homework. Explore the security situation of the region where the hotel is located. You must get to know whether there are any terrorist attacks or tourists targeted for crimes. Also find out if some areas are safer than the others so that you can consider booking a room in an alternative location. While it comes to actual booking, never stop with looking at the rates and amenities at the hotel, do pay attention to the location of the property. Get to know if it is safe to walk around during dark hours and it there is a police station located nearby. A good guide book or reliable neighbourhood information will tell you about these aspects.

It is also prudent to find out about the hotel’s own security measures. Call them to find out if the front desk is staffed round the clock and if there are security guards and surveillance cameras installed in the facility. If the hotel staffs are not able to give a clear picture of what they do to ensure the safety of the guests, it is advisable to book your room with some other hotel.

What to do while checking in

As much as possible, try to avoid booking for a room that is located in the ground floor. Many safety experts advise staying somewhere in between the third and sixth floors of a hotel. This is to ensure that the rooms are high enough for breaking in and also not too high for the fire engine ladders to reach. While booking a hotel room in a facility where the doors directly open outside, ask for a room that overlooks an interior courtyard and not exposed to the parking lot. Never allow your room number to be publicised. If the staffs happen to announce your room number aloud to be heard by the other guests, it is better to ask for a different room.

Once you land inside the hotel, look for fire exit; check the condition of the door locks and knobs and also the windows. This will let you stay prepared for any emergency. While you are inside the room, keep flashlight, keys, phone and other essentials easily accessible to you. Keep the room locked all the time. When you ensue all these measures are followed, you can enjoy a safer stay in the hotel.

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