Facts that Can Help You to Delve Deeper Into Sphene

Facts that Can Help You to Delve Deeper Into Sphene

Sphene is a magical stone indeed. It has a crystal body that shines when light reflects. It comes under the diamond family and is very much in trend. Word Sphene is originated from ”sphenos” which is a Greek word. Sphenes are available in 3 basic colors, but one can get them dyed in any other color. They are very common among the people, and they are mostly used in Jewelry now. Sphenes are also called titanite when considered in the mineral group. Jewelers use Sphenes and on the other hand, Geologists use titanite. Sphenes are mostly available in small sizes, and it is absolutely rare to find a clean Sphene of more than 5 Carats. As in all gemstones, sizes create value. The value of a gemstone is decided upon its size. The bigger the size the more valuable the gemstone is and vice versa. According to the research, Sphene disperses more minerals than diamond. 

Diamond breaks white light into 3 colors while Sphene breaks it into many colors, this happens because of the number of different minerals present in it. the value of sphene dispersion is 0.051 while diamond has 0.044. Sphenes are available mostly in Yellow, Green, and Brown. However Sphenes are also available in red and pink color, but they are not easily available. In some parts of the world, they are also available in Black and colorless, but they are extremely rare and very high priced. Chrome Sphere, a dark green Sphere is really in trend and looks like Emerald. However most Spheres are cheap and are reasonable than Emeralds, and it is the reason most people opt for these due to their affordability.

Where is Sphene found?

Sphenes are found mostly in all parts of the world. However, every country has its different production. Sphenes that are found in California, and Mexico have a yellow-brown tone. They have a very unique color and look great wherever they are put. Here they are 4 inches long and are available of good quality. Similarly, Madagascar produces green crystals and these spheres have their popularity. However, Canada produces, Brown or Black Sphene which are extremely rare and are highly in demand, and Sphene which is 100 percent pure is found in a very small amount. Sphene is also found in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and many parts of the world. Due to the Spheres continuous popularity and demand, many sellers are offering fake Sphere or very bad quality ones. Original stones have a crystalized body, and they have a slightly rough surface, and one has to get them polished.

Where are Spheres mostly used?

Sphenes can be used in all types of jewelry or decorative item. This type of gem has its fan base and people love wearing one. Now Sphenes have replaced the use of other expensive Gemstones. Sphenes are available at really cheaper rates and the best part is they are long lasting, and one can wear them for decades. They never stop shining or get decolored or worn out and they last longer. Now jewelers have started using Sphere in their jewelry due to its durability and beautiful finish. Everybody can afford them, and they can be cut into different shapes and designs. similarly, they look appealing to eyes and attract people. Sphere has now become an important part of making jewelry and many people confuse white or colorless Sphere with diamond because they give a diamond look sometimes. The combination of a gold ring and a green sphere attached inside it has become really common and now this combination has become a tradition among the brides. Besides jewelry, Spheres are also used in decorative items and they give a really promising look.  

Now Sphere is even used in making necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and earrings but the most common type is that they are placed in Rings. Spheres are dyeable and one can polish them in their desired shades. They can get dark or light but most people prefer them to be in a lighter color. The sphere can get dull when placed constantly in direct sunlight, but it can be polished to restore the shine. According to experts, while wearing a Sphere never use ultra-sonic cleaners or strong chemicals on them, because of the usage of such harsh chemicals they get dull and dry, and their shine can not be restored after that. usage of harmful chemicals makes the sphere surface rough and starts giving a matt look.  However Zircons sometimes naturally get dull due to constant use but no worries, you can ask a jeweler to polish them, and they can easily be polished. Polish not only makes Spheres look shiny but also helps them last longer. The thick polish acts as a protective layer and keeps the sphere safe from any damage. 

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