Is Your Family Ready for a New Puppy? 3 Ways to Know

Is Your Family Ready for a New Puppy? 3 Ways to Know

A puppy is an exciting addition to a home, and deciding to have one is synonymous to welcoming a new family member. However, as easy as it may sound to take care of a pet, you need to ensure that all your family members are 100% ready for the responsibility.

It can be quite difficult to determine when the right time is to introduce a pet to the family, especially if there are children involved. After all, taking care of a dog requires a huge amount of patience and support from every family member.

So, before you bring home that cute puppy, you should check first if your household meets these conditions:

1.Capable of keeping a pet

First, you have to evaluate if your family and home, in general, is capable of housing a pet. For instance, if you live in an apartment, you may not be allowed to have an animal around. Most apartment buildings have restrictions on having pets so make sure to check first with your landlord.

Your family should, preferably, have the following:

You own a standalone property

Having a standalone home gives you the freedom to set your own rules. This means that you can adopt a pet at your own free will and, at the same time, your pet can have more liberty to live as a free and safe animal.

No one in the family is allergic to puppies

If any of your family members is allergic to dogs, you may have to rethink your decision of adopting one. Before you bring a furry animal home, make sure everyone underwent testing for allergies. Children mostly outgrow allergies and often develop immunity against allergens by being exposed to a pet.

You’re financially able to take care of a pet

Other than the money you spent when you adopted your puppy, you should also be financially prepared to spend cash on pet food, dog feeding bowls and preventative care. When bringing a pet home, you should always factor in the amount of disposable income in your family.

You can commit your time to care for a puppy

Expect that taking care of a pet will take a significant amount of your time. You should be able to identify at least one or two members of the family to bond and hang out with the new pup. By spending enough time with the dog, you can become closer with the animal and grow to be a better pet owner.

2. An understanding of and appreciation for dog ownership

It’s easy for kids to say that they want a dog, but are they ready for the responsibility?

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that everyone in your family is onboard. Make sure it’s a joint decision with everyone involved in the process with pet care duties shared among family members including the children.

Make it clear to your family that it’s a long-term commitment

Sit down with your family and make it clear to them that adopting a puppy is a long-term commitment. Your children should understand that once you take a pet home, he or she will be part of the family for a long time and will need everyone’s support and care.

Explain to your kids their specific roles in caring for a puppy. Let them know that if they fail to perform their necessary pet chores, there may be problems down the line.

3. Good interaction with dogs

The best way to see if your family is ready for a pet is to watch them interact with one.

Borrow a well-behaved dog from a friend for a day or a couple of hours, and allow it to socialize with your kids. Give your children some treats to feed the pup and some toys to play with. See if your kids enjoy interacting with the dog.

  • If the kids are enjoying the experience, treat the dog well, and don’t easily get bored with the pup – it is a good sign.
  • If the kids are overly excited around the pup and display behaviors like chasing the dog, pulling the tail, or abusing the animal, your children are less likely ready for the responsibility of owning a pet.

While it’s crucial to determine first if your family is ready for a pup, it’s equally important to ensure that everyone is committed to taking care of a pet.

Dogs need lots of love and attention, and if your family can’t afford that right now, it may be a better decision to wait.

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