Fly Tipping-A growing problem in the UK

Fly Tipping-A growing problem in the UK

Illegitimate dumping of bulky waste material in the areas which are not licenced to take it is known as fly tipping. This is really dangerous to the health of people living in the nearby areas as it causes water , land and air pollution. In order to get rid of these waste material, lots of public money and efforts are used. It not only leads to the loss of money but also resources which could have been used for other bigger and important purposes.

In most parts of the world, fly tipping is considered illegal. The offenders are often sent to jail due to this. The old vehicles are dumped illegally leading to the prosecution of the person who is the owner of that vehicle.

What Kind Of Waste Does Fly Tipping Include?

The waste products that are included in fly-tipping can be solid, liquid or the mixture of both. They can differ in quantity. But, generally, they are heavy and of large size. In most of the cases, people get lazy and to lessen down the work, they throw away the damaged furniture or old vehicle anywhere they like. This poses a hazard to the environment and also living beings.

According to a research conducted in the UK in 2015/2016, with 930,000 recorded incidents of fly-tipping, one-third of the total fly tipping included the amount of garbage which is equal to the load that can fit a small van. Such load is equal to the three huge bins used in the house. The country lanes are majorly affected by fly tipping. Such incidents are growing at a huge scale in the UK.

The cases of fly-tipping are not accidental which makes it a dirty crime. They are intentional efforts to remove the garbage from household or some building site. To save money, people often ignore the legal ways for waste disposal.

Landscapes And Animals Are Affected The Most

The areas which repeatedly bear the cases of illegal waste dumping, also suffer from the bad reputation. It spoils the beautiful landscapes and also affects the prices of the elegant property. This can harm the local businesses and eventually the people.


It not only affects the beauty of nature but also the wildlife and the animals. The wild animals eat the garbage and choke up. They also get caught up here. Also, due to fly tipping, toxins and hazardous gases are produced which suffocate the animals and humans in the worst way.

What Is Government Doing In This Aspect?

The government of UK wants to solve this issue as soon as possible. They are finding new ways and have started several programs. There is 27% increase in the cases of fly tipping over the past two years. The government has also declared it as a punishable offence and is taking strict actions in favour of this.

It is not just the government that should work in cleaning up the place and taking the necessary precautions. The responsible citizens should work in this regard as well. They must be careful while dumping the waste material as there are other options available for the safe disposal of garbage.

Looking at such an important issue, it is clear that it is essential to get involved in the responsible disposal of waste. Hiring a skip is an easy solution to this problem where you have to make a call to the company and your issue of safe disposal of waste will be solved. There are many companies online that provide such services at low costs. To keep the environment green, healthy and secure, hire the skip today.

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