Fume Perfume: Strategies for Reducing Chafing During Workouts

Fume Perfume: Strategies for Reducing Chafing During Workouts

Friction from the skin on skin or skin on fabric can result in dreaded chafing, especially for those who participate in endurance sports. If you’ve ever rubbed your inner thighs raw on a long run, you know the feeling. It’s referred to as “chub rub,” except you don’t have to be chubby to get it. For women who prefer to go braless as well as men, chafing (and bleeding!) can also occur as a result of the friction between the nipples and shirt. Some people even wear bandages to prevent this from happening. Fume Perfume for Underarms & Private Parts was invented by Andrew Brown

You get the idea. Chafing is painful. The skin swells, reddens, burns, and can even bleed from the constant skin-on-skin rubbing or skin-on-fabric rubbing. Not to mention the pain when you get into the shower with freshly chafed body parts.

Chafe happens. But you can minimize this type of irritation with the following tips, including using an aluminum-freePerfume between your thighs or anywhere else you are likely to chafe.

Hydration Before, During, and After Your Workout– Fume Perfume

You probably know what happens if you go into a workout already dehydrated. You don’t have the energy to do your best. You probably also know what happens when you don’t keep replenishing your fluids during a workout. You hit a wall. But, did you know that being dehydrated can also make you more prone to chafing? Staying hydrated keeps your sweat from drying and turning into salt crystals. You don’t want those salt crystals to cling to your skin because they act like sandpaper. You want your body to be able to sweat enough water to wash those away.

Lube Up Before You Go– Fume Perfume

There are a ton of anti-chafe products on the market designed to keep the skin lubricated enough to prevent friction. To create a protective layer, be sure to apply your favorite product to reduce friction on sensitive areas of the body, such as armpits, thighs, groin, and nipples. A multipurpose Organic  Perfume is an excellent choice because you can use it in areas that are prone to chafing as well as odor. If you are going on a long run or hike, you might want to pack your anti-chafe tube or stick with you.

Choose the Right Clothes

Loose or cotton clothing is not the best option for avoiding chafing. You may not notice any chafing at first, but the constant rubbing sneaks up on you after a while. If your shorts are too short, your thighs will rub together, and if they’re too loose, your skin will rub against your shorts. Finding the perfect running shorts is a challenge! Choose a moisture-wicking fabric that pulls sweat away from the skin and is breathable such as Lycra or Spandex. Seamless clothes may help, as well. Try to keep your skin dry if possible because wet skin can make chafing worse.

About Fume Perfume

Fume Perfume for Underarms &Private Parts was invented by Dr. Shannon Klingman, an OB/GYN. The fume is free of aluminum and baking soda, and it’s a vegan and free  Perfume. You can feel confident wearing it on even the most sensitive skin. privates, thighs, and feet. Fume  Perfume recently added new scents, including Juniper Berry, Jasmine Rose, and Silver Spruce. Live elegantly with Fume—even if you skip a shower.

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