Google May Start Paying to News Publishers for Content

Google May Start Paying to News Publishers for Content

Google is known as the search engine giant because most of the people use Google in order to search for anything on the internet. Nowadays, the search engine giant is in active discussions because it is going to pay the news publishers for their content. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is going to pay only to those news publishers which are outside of the US. Most of the news publishers belong to France and others belong to Europe. It means that Google has not included US news publishers in this contract with the news publishers.

For this reason, the officials of Google’s team have also made lots of statements. In the first statement of one of the officials of Google’s team, we are going to help the people for quality journalism. It is not only helpful for the informed democracy but it is also helpful for the support of the sustainable news industry. In another statement, one of the officials of Google’s team has said that they are going to launch a new program under the name of Google News Initiative. With the help of this program, Google will try to expand its interaction with the news publishers and Google will try to pay the news publishers for the purpose of breaking authentic news.

To pay the news publishers for the purpose of breaking the authentic news is not a new thing for Google because, in 2019, Google has also launched a similar project. In this project, Google has distributed licenses among the news publishers. With the help of these licenses, Google has provided a platform for the major audio News networks to work with the Google Assistant. For this reason, some major audio platforms like ABC, CNN, Fox News Audio and much more have taken these licenses. For this reason, Google had also invited the local radio newscasters. These local radio newscasters have also signed on this agreement. After availing the licenses from Google, they are working with Google and they are earning handsome amount.

In 2019, Google had made some essential changing in the language support of its app. For this reason, Google has added more language support in this app. It means that people from different countries and regions can easily get access to this app and it will be easy for them to read the news in their local languages. In a similar way, Google has also invited people from all around the world to publish news articles in their local languages. These articles are related to their local as well as international problems. It means that the English version of the news will also be available in all the languages.

Told by a content writing company, The Academic Papers UK, this essential feature of Google is allowing the news publishers to add their news content in two languages. Its reason is that by uploading multilingual content, it will be easy for the people to get the attraction of the more visitors to your news articles. Moreover, from the reader’s point of view, it will be easy for people to learn about the most important news and happenings all around the world in their local languages. It is also possible for the viewers to connect with their top publishers and topics from all around the world.

The support of Google News is now available in almost 141 countries and the news is available in 41 different languages. In order to read and get notifications of this news, you can either use IOS or Android devices. If you want to get news in your local language, you will have to activate this option in the settings of this app. By enabling these essential features of Google will not last any kind of bad experience on your personalization preferences. It means that you will be able to get your favorite news according to your personalization preferences.

Google has also added a new feature for sports lovers. With the help of this feature, it is easy for sports lovers to get an idea about the latest updates of sports. It means that if you are a cricket lover, you can easily get an idea about the latest score about the matches. Moreover, it is also possible for you to get access to the schedule of the matches of different teams. By visiting the timeline of this sports page, it is also easy for the sports lovers to get an idea about the results of the previous matches. In order to get regular updates about sports, you will have to enable the notifications.

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