Gujarat Rollout Solar Power Scheme: An important Sarikari Yojana 2021

Gujarat Rollout Solar Power Scheme: An important Sarikari Yojana 2021

 Gujarat is developing but still farmers and long distance villagers fighting to get the enough electricity power. Vijay Rupni the Chief Minister of Gujarat launched the solar scheme to generate electricity in rural areas under the guidance of PM Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi first became the CM of Gujarat and then he became PM of India. He is Guajarati and so his first vision is to bring the urbanization in every village of Gujarat. He encouraged farmers to use Saur Energy to run the bore well motors and other electric machines. This gives farmers a relief from electricity bill. He started an initiative called “SURYA-Gujarat”. It is a solar power scheme for the slum dwellers too.

Why Solar Power Scheme

 The main object of this scheme is “Let the Sun Pay Your Bills”. Gujarat Government launched solar power generation scheme for Kisan under the  Suryashakti Kisan Yojana. In this scheme beneficiary is eligible to get 60% subsidy on installing solar panels in farm or any private location. Farmer has to 5% cost and 35% cost will be paid by the loan installments by farmer. This scheme has a good response and most farmers use this scheme to cut off the high electricity bill.

On the other hand this scheme is also available for local resident. Whoever has a concrete rooftop can take the benefit of this scheme. The local citizen will be given 40% subsidy on the installation of Solar Panel. They can install solar panel on rooftop or on any commercial land. Even the house owner can earn revenue by selling surplus power.

This scheme is made feasible for the slum dwellers too. We know that in Gujarat people live in small villages. Some live in slum areas where finding electricity is almost impossible thing. The Surya Urja Rooftop Yojana is an initiative made to generate electricity in residential, farms and corporate areas. This is known as a pilot project. State Government tried to implement this scheme in the slum area to generate more electricity power. The government aimed to set up the large solar panels on the doms and vacant spaces in slums to produce lots of solar energy. The produced electric power will then transferred into the slum area. The main object of this scheme is to access electric facilities to slum areas.

State Government with collaboration of central government is a solar power scheme launched to facilitate the electricity requirement to the needy people. It is an important part of Sarkari yojana 2021. Primarily this scheme was launched for the farmers who do not find much electric power in village areas. Then government decides to give Solar Rooftop Installation subsidy to every citizen of India. The main object behind this scheme is to use solar power energy in homes and corporate. If you want to get the same benefit you can go to its official website. They will provide you all types of amenities from Solar Panel Installation in the subsidized rates.

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