Mother’s Day: A Day Dedicated to all Mothers

Mother’s Day: A Day Dedicated to all Mothers

As we all are aware about the day which we celebrate in honor of the mothers is declared as Mother’s day in all over the world. On the 2nd Sunday of May this day is celebrated in USA and some other parts of the world as well.

Anna Jarvis, is the founder of the Mother’s day who has the suggested the idea of celebrating a day in honor of motherhood and mothers in 1907. After that this day is nationally recognized in 1914 as the mother’s day and is now celebrating all over the world.

On this occasion individuals do variety of thing to show their love and respect for their mothers, who has given the life to them and has the great contribution in every small and big things which is happening in their life. There is no fixed ritual what makes this day one of the unique days, as everyone can do the things for their loving mother in the way they want. Some people show their love by gifting cards with beautiful customized messages, some with offering the bouquet of favorite flowers to their mother, some arrange a beautiful dinner for their mom and some has taken a day off from their daily activities and spend the whole day with their mothers. It is observed that in USA Mother’s day is the busiest day in the restaurants and as per the study it is also stated that around 162 million greeting cards are sent on this day, which makes it the 3rd biggest day of gift cards sending. No matter what are the ways people choose to celebrate this one thing is common and that is the love and respect children have for their mothers.

Mother’s Day in Different Part of world:

Though the feeling that people share are common but the day to celebrate this day are different in different countries. On many countries this day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday on the month of May which includes nations like United States, Canada, Australia and India. In United Kingdom this day is celebrated exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. IN all these nations Sundays are generally non-working days and non-school days.

In many other parts of the world this day is declared as the public holiday which has the nations like Costa Rica where it is celebrated on 15th of August which is also celebrated as Assumption Day, In Georgia it is celebrated on March 3rd, In Samoa on the 2nd Monday in the month of May, In Thailand it is celebrated on August 12th every year. In these entire countries one thing is most common that the cafes and restaurants are the busiest place.

Some Gift Ideas for This Mother Day:

  • Stamped Necklace
  • Starry Travel Mug
  • Stand Mixer
  • Wireless Speaker
  • Wine-Saving Carafe
  • Amazon Dot
  • Nesting Baking Set
  • Electric Kettle
  • Floral Perfume
  • Personal Tablet

In the end we the Softqube family your Offshore Software Development Company in India is wishing you a very Happy Mother’s day. Share the unique ideas that you are planning to spend your mother day in a special way, and making this day special for your loving Mother.

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