Health Tips for Expats Living in Dubai

Health Tips for Expats Living in Dubai

Within the last couple of years, Dubai has been a very popular location for tourist visits and also permanent relocations. There are multiple aspects and elements about Dubai that make it such a great city to go to, and we will explore those throughout the text. In addition, as any relocation can be stressful both mentally and physically, it is always good to unwind after a long trip. Below we will discuss different health tips in Dubai when it comes to spending time or living there.

Welcome to Dubai

Dubai is a city of many positive aspects. From the warmer climate to the spectacular architecture, there is a lot to see and do when in the city. When in Dubai, one can explore buildings and infrastructures that defy modern times, while going luxury shopping and enjoying the nightlife it has to offer. Moreover, with the warm climate that spans more than half a year and no income tax, it has become the location for many individuals. People visit for vacation or choose Dubai as their new home and with time they adjust to the modern lifestyle. Don’t be surprised if you see a luxury car with the police name on the side of it as everything is elevated in Dubai! While you are at it, make sure to go check out the 828-meter building and hashtag the world’s tallest building on your social media.

For those who don’t enjoy the elements winter brings, Dubai is definitely the location to be. Palm trees and sunshine, and good vibes altogether. Meanwhile, with a huge change in climate, especially in the summer when the temperatures rise, it is always good to be prepared. Let’s analyze some essential aspects and health tips in Dubai to know ahead and be ready for.

Health Tips in Dubai

The first element to consider is like any other when visiting or moving to a new country. One of our most crucial health tips in Dubai is to do some research on different health insurance, and basic medical and emergency care just in case. You never know, and it is better to be prepared ahead of time then be hit with something unfamiliar. If you are living in Dubai or working there for an extended period, ensure to check what kind of health insurance you can receive. With the high temperatures and an overall different climate, it might take some time for your body to adjust. Therefore, investigate all of this so that if an unforeseen issue arises, you can deal with it quickly and accordingly.

A boat

The summer in Dubai can reach high temperatures that you might not be used to. Stay in the shade and stay hydrated!

The Climate

Although the thought of warm weather and sunshine rays for most of the year sounds very appealing, it is not for everyone. Summers in Dubai tend to showcase very high heat, and for people who aren’t used to that, it may cause problems. However, if you are well prepared for these changes, it is very manageable. For example, if you happen to have come from places where the climate doesn’t reach the same highs, your body might need to learn how to regulate body heat in a different way. If exposed to extreme temperatures too quickly, you may experience some muscle cramps or heat rashes. In this case, it’s important to give your body rest and drink plenty of water while staying in the shade. Being safe will save you from unnecessary exhaustion and other symptoms which may lead to more serious health problems.

The Sun

Sunshine and summer weather bring everyone’s mood up. While it is all about positivity and motivation, please ensure to wear sunscreen daily. Protecting yourself from strong UV rays is very important. Purchase a good sunscreen lotion and start a habit of applying it every day. In Dubai, you will be exposed to the sun more than usual, therefore defend your skin from harmful sunshine rays.


Last but not least, when it comes to health tips in Dubai, we cannot forget the gym! Everyone is aware of the benefits of good fitness and healthy eating! It becomes even more important when high heat gets involved and work stress. Avoid harming and wearing your body by eating good food that will fuel your body in many ways. Soups, freshly squeezed juice and water will help keep you hydrated throughout high temperatures. Dehydration is a serious problem, therefore drink up and stay hydrated.

Sand dunes

High heat and exposure to the sun can be dangerous. Maintain your fitness while drinking lots of water and eating good food.

In addition, warmer climates might make you less hungry. Therefore, instead of eating three larger meals throughout the day, eat five to six smaller meals in a day. This will keep you light, easy on your feet and fuller for longer periods of time. Did we mention lots of veggies and fruits? Indeed! Eat the good stuff so that you can have the energy for weekly workouts. We also recommend working with a personal trainer to help you stay on track! Maintain good health by finding the right help for your training session!

Common sense and being safe

At the end of the day, it is all about knowing your body and what you can handle and being careful with climate changes. This is very important especially when you first arrive. Moreover, it’s essential that you adjust gradually to the new temperature and air so that you can protect yourself from unnecessary negative consequences. As we have mentioned above, ensuring to be somewhat knowledgeable about health insurance and emergency care when in Dubai can come in handy if need be. By simply being aware that summers tend to get much hotter than most other locations, you are already prepared.

Dubai architecture

Follow the health tips for expats living in Dubai so that you can enjoy Dubai

Throughout your stay in Dubai, whether short or long term, rely on our tips. Using sunscreen is something we will continue emphasizing! Protecting your skin is a must when exposed to the sun and extreme heat. In addition, a healthy diet and good fitness is always a great idea as well. With Dubai PT, you can maintain your fitness levels while getting beneficial assistance along the way.

All in all, be safe and enjoy the many cool and fascinating elements that Dubai has to offer.

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