How do you know you were illegally fired?

How do you know you were illegally fired?

Most people start a new job with good faith trusting that everything will work out but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Employers seem nice at first but with the time you may realize your new position it’s not what it promised to be. While every job has its challenges, it’s not right when you are called to your boss’s office and fired for no reason. This can be a difficult situation for anybody. Feelings of inadequacy may try to invade your thoughts and tell you to quit but don’t. Hire wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles to protect your rights.

When promises aren’t kept

When you start a new job in Los Angeles you have a contract with your employer.   While some contracts will specify how long you will be working for the company, most contracts don’t have these details so you have no idea what to expect in the coming months or years. If your contract specifies the duration of your employment and you are fired before your final date, you may have a case, unless there is a good reason for firing you.

There are also policies established by your employer, which they must follow.  The employee handbook should have all information about how terminations are handled in the company. This process generally has warnings before the termination takes place. When employers don’t follow the process already established,  you may also have the legal grounds to sue for wrongful termination.


There are anti-discrimination laws that protect employees in California. Nobody can be fired due to their race, age, color, gender, national origin, or any other protected characteristic. Also, in California, you can’t be fired or discriminated against for your marital status or if you are pregnant. When employers are sued for discrimination, they have to prove you were terminated due to other reasons. It’s very difficult to prove discrimination on your own unless you have an experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney representing you.

Unlawful employment practices

If you were misled about promotions and wage increases or if the employer came up with a creative reason to fire you, you must consult an attorney immediately. These are not legal grounds to fire anyone. Sometimes the employer doesn’t want to pay sales commission or pay you more and fires you on the spot before you claim your rights. There are also times when employers want to hire someone they pay less and fire you. This is wrong and should be taken to court.

Taking time off

If you took time off to vote, serve in the military or due to medical leave, you can’t be fired. As long as the reason is protected under federal law, you may have a case. It all depends on individual circumstances. Sometimes employers fire employees who refuse to commit an illegal act or for whistleblowing. Employers can’t retaliate against you for protecting your rights, especially if they have committed fraud. But in order to prove it, you will need good documentation.

It’s time to claim your rights with a wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles. Contact us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.

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