What All Ingredients To Avoid In Baby Formula?

What All Ingredients To Avoid In Baby Formula?

The babies’ immune system has not been developed yet. Hence, it is crucial to take care that they are not been exposed to harmful chemicals present in most of the food nowadays.

So, after the breastfeeding period, you need to be precautious about the kind of formulas you are feeding to your child. Despite severe efforts from the safety authorities, big industries continue to contaminate the baby formulas you feed to your children.

Hence, you need to look for the ingredients before buying the best organic baby formulas.

This article will help you by providing the list of ingredients you need to avoid in baby formula.

Read on:

1.Soy formulas

Parents switch to soy formula even for their babies if any of the family member or the baby have a milk allergy. But, it is highly recommended that the children with milk allergies should not be fed soy formula also.

Moreover, it is said to be harmful for the following reasons:

It contains phytoestrogens which can create long term association with developmental problems during puberty for boys and early adolescence for girls.

Another constituent called Phytic acid which gradually stops the absorption of essential chemicals.

2.Certain sugars

Lactose is the most common sweetener found in milk. But, it is advisable to choose lactose-free organic milk formula. Also, many manufacturers use plant-based sucrose which if over-fed can arouse concerns like subsequent obesity. Most organic baby formula contains maltodextrin as a sweetener, as it is cheaper and helps the formula dissolve rapidly.

Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMO)

GMO is seen in top brands of formula. It is likely to cause cancer, organ failure and birth defects. Thereby many countries are passing legislation against its use in food. At this delicate age baby’s organs are developing and such toxic things can hamper their brain, immune system, and intestines.

3.Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is an artificial sweetener and contains mostly corn starch. It is extremely bad for a baby’s health. It is full of calories and carbohydrates with very little nutritional content. Therefore, the baby can put on extra weight. It can also tempt a growing child body for more sugar.


Carrageenan is extracted from seaweed. It is highly used to stabilize or thicken. Also, it is used in organic products too and has no nutritive content. It is mostly found in packaged almond and coconut milk. Daily consumption of carrageenan is harmful to adults. So, the intensity of damage in the baby’s body is extreme.


Dioxin is likely to cause cancer as well as known for an endocrine disruptor. Your baby can consume this through formula milk and even mother exposed to dioxin could also pass this to the baby through breast milk. You are also getting exposed to this through meat, fish, shellfish and dairy products.

6.Synthetic nutrients

Synthetic ingredients are full of harmful chemicals and neurotoxic. It is used even in hypoallergenic baby formula to imitate breast milk. Some of the common components of this are L-Carnitine, lycopene, lutein, taurine, L-methionine, and nucleotides. It is extremely shameful that even after knowing its harmful effects big industries still use them in baby products.

Summing up

You certainly don’t want to compromise on any safety aspect when it comes to your baby. And, some chemicals are slow poison to the body. So, be aware and check the label before picking any organic formula for the baby. Moreover, it is always better to consult your pediatrician and have a personalized list of proper diet for your baby.

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