There are intricacy to hiring an employee and their first day

There are intricacy to hiring an employee and their first day

There are tax forms, guidelines and rules, handbooks and contracts. A welcome letter confirms an employee’s new status and start date as well as making them feel at ease within their new role. This letter may also include, have attached or link to, onboarding paperwork.

What to Include

Include a confirmation date and an address indicate where the new employee should go on their first day, maybe they need to check in the HR or reception first. Also indicate if there is any additional information they need to bring like social security details or proof of identity. Some companies want to add mission statements, handbooks or guidelines to the letter, but this is not a necessity.

“Consider sharing information on what the employee should expect on their first day, this will help them feel at ease when arriving. Welcome letters also indicate what they should expect on their first day and often guidelines on what to bring and what to wear,” advises Kate Cullingham at Paperown.

The tone should make the reader feel welcome and excited for their new pathway. Tone should be less formal than other internal letters you may send but still keep an air of formality to it as it is still work based. The level of formality can change based on the industry you are working in, workman or factories could be less formal than academic or medical institutes.

For what reason Should You Send

This letter will fortify your pledge to this new representative and will make them feel esteemed by the businesses. On the off chance that they are happy with their boss and feel welcome, they are bound to deliver high caliber and submitted work.

Counting things like begin times, area and clothing regulation will make the representative feel more calm and maintain a strategic distance from a portion of the principal day nerves. Sending this letter will likewise enable HR to send different structures in cutting edge like business shapes, tax documents and next kinfolk affirmation. Keep away from it being excessively about printed material as it makes the organization look too HR orientated.

Use Writing Resources

Having spelling errors or grammatical mistakes in your inviting email can be exceptionally humiliating for both you and the organization. On the off chance that this is something you are worried about don’t be hesitant to look to outside assets to help make that appreciated letter look as impeccable as possible. Here are some that we suggest:

Via Writing and Grammarly are world class language structure assets.

Globalwritinghub is a Forbes prescribed editing service.

Easy Word Count is a extra tool to help make your letter look proficient and cleaned.

Paperown is an altering instrument recommend by Simple Grad in through Paperown review.

Globalwritinghub and Assignment Writing Service are two of the most valuable networks of authors, as assessed by Best UK Writers, where you can look for guidance and learn tips.


Example #1

Headline: Welcome!

Dear Joel,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the bursary office at The John Smith Company. I delighted in meeting with you a week ago, and am anticipating seeing you on April 19.

When you arrive, you’ll be welcoming by Sophie at the gathering region. She’ll take you to get your ID, and sign in details, before demonstrating to you your workspace, and acquainting you with whatever is left of the group. We’re anticipating working with you.

Welcome to the group!


Alexandra Manning

HR Administrator

Example #2

Your Name




City, State, Zip Code


Dear Lucia,

We are exceptionally upbeat to invite you to the business group here at JS Limited. You are going along with us at an energizing season, as we advance with fresh out of the box new undertakings over the mid year months.

We are confident that with your crisp thoughts and energy, this will be one of our best and most profitable seasons.

As we talked about amid your underlying meeting, we are anticipating remarkable development this year, and are trust you will enable us to achieve those objectives.

When you touch base on Monday, April 23, stop by my HR office, on the second floor, and I’ll demonstrate you to your office before acquainting you with Alison and Dawn, who were away amid your second meeting. We are generally anticipating working with you and are sure that you will be an extraordinary fit for this group. Welcome on board and we anticipate our future together.

Yours really,

Alexandra Manning

Your objective ought to be to make new representatives feel arranged to begin their new job. Incorporate viable subtleties and in addition welcome, likewise join some other data they may require. The message you need your appreciated email to send is that you’re a warm, cordial yet sorted out foundation.

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