Is It Possible That Cannabis is Extraterrestrial?

Is It Possible That Cannabis is Extraterrestrial?

Where does marijuana come from? Is it possible that this plant has extraterrestrial origins? There are many people who believe this is the case, dating back quite some time. As you may already know, the cannabis plant is unique. The DNA structure of the cannabis plant is a bit different than any other plant on the planet. In structure, the strawberry comes the closest. Smokers realize, there is no other plant quite like cannabis, but why?

Otherworldly origins

We know the plant to be something that occurs naturally. But it’s fascinating that a well-known plant could have off-planet origins. However, answering the question of where cannabis comes from could be a difficult task. Mali believes that it comes from another planet. The word cannabis means “two-dog plant”, a reference to Sirius, the “two-dog star”. Sirius, means “the scorcher” or “scorching” in Latin. It’s also located in the Canis Major constellation meaning Big Dog. The first part of the word cannabis, canna stems from dog. The second part of the word bis, indicates the number two. 

The Dogon Sigui festival

In 300 BC, Herodotus visited a tribe during the Sigui festival that occurs every 50-60 years. The festival takes place for every full orbit that Sirius B makes around Sirius A. Before the ceremony begins, the young men seclude themselves for 90 days and speak to each other in a secret language called “Sigi So”. During Sigui, Sirius appears between the peaks of two mountains. 

The ceremony involves passing secrets and information to the next generation. This is the purpose of the 50-year celebration in Mali. At this festival, the people of Mali, West Africa explained the significance and history of the plant to Herodotus. The Dogon told Herodotus that cannabis was brought to them from Sirius by an amphibious Nommo goddess. The people of Mali informed him that the brightest star in their wintry sky was Sirius, and included that this was the home of their cherished plant, cannabis. After the celebration, for seven years, the Dogon traveled across seven villages. The Dogon celebrate in each one for a year before progressing on.

Extraterrestrial visitors bearing gifts

The people explained that when Nommo visited them from the Sirius star system, a goddess brought the cannabis plant to Earth. Nommo told the people of Mali that they came from a star system named Sirius. Nommo are amphibious creatures with a human upper torso, gills, and a fish or snake-like lower body. The word Nommo means “to make one drink”. They have been described as hermaphroditic. 

This is quite specific information that the Dogon were given about the universe, planetary bodies, and the forms of life within it. 

Dogon astronomy

The Dogon knew a great deal of information about planetary bodies. They were aware that Sirius B is white and the heavier of the two bodies. The Dogon knew about the existence of a star that was invisible to the naked eye, a feat of knowledge. Sirius B, the smaller of the two stars, was not photographed until 1970, but its presence was already known. Technology of 1970 allowed Europeans to confirm knowledge about the stars that was already known to the Dogon. 

The Cherokee people also believe that cannabis has off-planet origins. They call the marijuana plant Galunati. The Star people that bear this plant are also called Galunati. The source of Galunati is amrita, the fluids of love-making. The Cherokee believe that cannabis is a gift to the people of Earth. 

In Mesopotamia, Sirius had an Akkadian name, Mil-lik-ud, which means Dog Star of the Sun. In Babylonia it was the Star of the Dog or Kakkab-lik-ku. The Chaldeans called the planetary body Kak-shisha, the Dog Star that Leads. 

Alien agriculture

For humanity as a whole to accept that marijuana comes from another planet would have major implications. Perhaps, the impact of these implications are the reason why mainstream education has not fully accepted it. 

Cannabis has a deep and interesting cultural history involving many uses. There are many references to cannabis in the ancient world. Ancient Indians called it bhang or ganja. The Talmud has a reference to a cannabis and myrrh drink. Egyptians used cinnamon, myrrh, cassia, and cannabis as a massage oil. 

The Dogon people have long maintained their statements that they have been in contact with extraterrestrials. So does cannabis really come from another planet 8.611 light years away? If so, cannabis has traveled quite a long way to reach a San Francisco dispensary. If the plant is from the dog star, it cannot possibly be the only extraterrestrial plant on Earth. Many people argue about whether the Dogon were correct or not in their claims of one of Earth’s plants originating from Sirius. Conduct some research yourself and see where it leads you.

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