How to Keep Your Pets Away from Boredom

How to Keep Your Pets Away from Boredom

In today’s hectic work life schedule, most pet parents lead very busy lives with jobs. Pets often end up spending a good time of the day alone at home. This is a constant reason of worry in the minds of almost all the pet parents as to how to avoid this scenario of leaving their pets unattended. Staying all by themselves, may also encourage destructive behaviour among pets which can prove to be potentially harmful to them.


The signs of a pet’s boredom are not hard to spot, but dealing with it might prove to be a challenge to the pet parents. Most pets, especially dogs are highly social creatures. Just like humans, pets also require mental and physical activities, to keep them away from boredom. This also keeps them fit and active. Training can only prove to be helpful for some of these problems, however there are several other things that can be done in order to keep your pets away from boredom.


Here are some tips for busting your pet’s boredom –


Getting Some Exercise – It doesn’t matter how tired you are, your pet needs to go out for a daily exercise. It is also proven that boredom and obesity go hand in hand for most of the pets. Certainly, boredom can lead to obesity for inactive pets. Taking them to a new surrounding or activity, can be mentally stimulating for them. Running or biking with pets aids their fitness and helps them in getting their mind away from boredom.


Pet-Friendly Toys – Giving your pets something interesting to play with is yet another way to keep boredom at bay. This is a constant experiment to understand which toys actually appeal to your pets the most. The toys that are made available to them should hold their interest for a longer time. It is also advisable to buy toys that are fun and mentally challenging. There are certain food dispensing toys that can be stuffed with some of your pet’s favourite treats/food and then they work hard in order to get their food out. Mixing such strategies along with games is bound to hold the pet’s interest towards something for a longer duration.

Watching Television – Trying to keep the pets entertained when you are not around is a constant struggle for every pet parent. Sometimes, when you’re not around to play with them, simply turning on the television might be all it takes to keep the pets away from boredom. Some cats love to watch documentaries of different species. Some dogs love watching a good movie about other dog breeds. This is a good practice to adopt if you are leaving the pets alone at home for an hour or two.


Aerial View – Pets love a good view. Most of the pets like to see what’s going out in the world. The more elevated the view is, the better. It is nearly required to find a window in your house that offers an interesting view of the street or the backyard. Keeping the curtains open enables the pets to enjoy a good scenery throughout the day. Customising the arrangement with their favourite blanket or bed, will encourage them to spend time by the window.


Pet-Focused Gadgets – Sometimes the best trick of keeping the pets busy can be a pet-focused gadget. Even when you’re not at home, your pet gets a company and feels like you never left home in the first place. There are many gadgets with interesting features that can be purchased online. These gadgets let you see your pets, talk to them and even toss them treats. They even inform you if your dog is barking or making any noise so that you can check on them and see if anything is wrong.


Adopting Another Pet – It is a big responsibility when it comes to adopting another pet. It doubles your workload as a pet parent but it can also make your life easier in some ways. It is found in majority cases that adopting another pet helps ease the boredom and anxiety experienced by the first pet when their pet parent is not at home.

Play Dates- Playing with other pets is a great way to give your furball exercise and relieve their boredom. Planning play dates along with other pets in the neighbourhood gives them a chance to socialise and keeps them active in terms of health. Pets benefit greatly from playing and socializing with someone from their species.


Day-care Centres – Being a busy pet parent does not always allow one to spend a lot of  time with your pets. It is generally observed that no amount of tricks or treats can keep the pets completely busy and away from boredom when the pet parents are not around. If the pet is well socialized and enjoys the company of other pets, it is best to send them off to the day care centres while you’re off to work. There are several reputable pet care facilities that employ staff who are trained to keep the pet safe and active. Getting recommendations from other pet parents of your locality for day care centres preferred by them will help ease the search of enrolling your pet into one of these centres.


Hiding Treats Around the House – Many pets, especially dogs enjoy sniffing down food and treats. Before leaving for work, scatter some treats in special places around the house. They can even be a corner of the house which is your pet’s favourite. Try mixing it up so that it doesn’t become a routine, and your pet will spend their day sniffing out delicious delicacies. This can be made even more interesting by mixing food along with games. It proves to be a mental and physical stimulation as well as a form of exercise for your pet. It is also required that the treat chosen by you is nutritious for your pet, so that when your pet finds the same, it adds value to its health.


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