Powerful Habits that Keeps Your Relationship Strong & Healthy

Powerful Habits that Keeps Your Relationship Strong & Healthy

Have you ever known a couple who seems to have an amazing relationship and wondered, why the heck doesn’t that happen to me? Well, the fact is that those amazing relationships aren’t as much about luck and magic as they were developed by strong habits. The thing is that most relationships have the ability to be amazing if both partners are willing to put forth the effort. When we say effort, we mean sustaining some simple, yet effective habits that are sure to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

Follow these relationship habits and you can thank us later!

Strong Relationship

Compliment frequently

Complimenting your partner frequently should also include genuinely. If you love it when your partner has her hair in braids, you might want to mention how much you love her hairstyle. If you appreciate that your partner brings the kitchen trash outside before flies are all over your apartment, be sure to say thank you. Whether man or woman, everyone loves to feel appreciated and admired. So, when you compliment your partner make sure that you do it often, are genuine, and it helps to add a hug of appreciation.

Create ground rules for arguing

Yes, this is a habit that strong couples actually do. All couples argue from time to time, and while one couple may scream, yell, and slam doors, another couple may know when it is time to stop the argument before both parties are really upset. Setting ground rules for arguments is how strong couples are able to provide constructive criticism without hurting the other person or allowing an argument to get out of hand. Some recommended ground rules may be:

  • Do not attack the other person.
  • Do not raise your voice, stomp your feet, or slam anything.
  • If the argument is making one person uncomfortable, separate and discusses later when both partners are calm.
  • Try to view the disagreement from your partner’s perspective.
  • Do not bring up past arguments.

Don’t be afraid to say you are sorry

It is amazing how stubborn people can be. This applies even when we know we are in the wrong. Being humble enough to apologize for actions, comments, or reactions not only makes us a better person, but also a more attractive partner.

Strong couples understand that they will make mistakes at times. But, when a mistake occurs, it is important to acknowledge their role in the situation and instead of hiding from that role, they can address it. This will not only make your partner feel appreciated but will also create trust.

Go for a walk

Walking is considered a great and low-impact way to add a little calorie-burn to your day. But walking also provides several mental health benefits such as relaxing the body and mind and improving overall happiness. Taking a short stroll with your partner is a great way to spend leisurely and quality time together.

Maintaining a strong relationship is as much about spending quality time with each other as it is to respect your partner. So, if you’re feeling lonely in your relationship, want to talk, or just want to enjoy your partner, take time away to walk around the block. Your relationship and your heart will thank you.

Go tech-free

Technology is great and it’s likely that technology played a role in how you and your partner met. But, when it comes to relationships our obsession with our tablets, smartphones, and other devices can hurt the health of a relationship. Certainly, you’ve found yourself talking to your partner only to find out that your partner was on social media and didn’t hear a thing. Over time, this lack of communication or poor communication can obstruct the value of a strong relationship. To counter this, make time during the day where you and your partner are together without technology. It may be difficult at first, but over time your tech-free moments may grow, as will your relationship.

Create time for sex

Sex is different for every couple. While one couple may have sex multiple times a day, another couple may have sex once a month. So, while physically sex is important, the quality and arousal aspects are equally as important. One great way to improve your sex life is to sext with each other. Sexting provides a discreet and exciting way for you to arouse yourself and your partner when not physically together. Of course, the tension can later be released in the bedroom. Some do’s and don’ts of exting include:

    • Make sure you are in a discreet place to sext
    • If you send pictures, take them beforehand
    • Respond quickly
    • If your partner says no, then that means no.
    • Don’t add unrelated discussions to your sexting

Do small things

Small things in relationships count. So, when you make yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, why not make your partner one as well. Or, you can surprise your partner by cleaning out their car. The thing is that small things show your partner that you care, respect, and appreciate that you are with your partner.

So, while a bouquet of flowers or a nice dinner is great, each time you do something small and unexpected what you are really doing is telling your partner, “I love you.”

In review

What this all comes down to is that strong and healthy relationships are easier than you think. So, if you want the relationship you dream of don’t forget the small things that play a big role. Compliment your partner often, when you argue be kind and don’t avoid being humble. Take time for sex and most of all, spend quality time together.

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