LED Light Bar for Trucks: Common Installation Issues & Questions

LED Light Bar for Trucks: Common Installation Issues & Questions

Whether you’re installing an Led Light Bar For Trucks, police cars, or emergency vehicles, many people can hesitate to begin because they have seen or heard about complications that others faced. Thankfully, installation of these devices is very commonplace and, while just like any other installation process you can come across problems, most of these situations can be fixed very quickly. To help prepare you for your light bar installation, keep these primary complications and questions in mind.

Why Doesn’t the LED Light Bar Come On?

Even when installed correctly, there are a variety of reasons for new LED light bars not to work. If you experience this issue, try these helpful tips before trying to contact a customer service agent or mechanic for help.

• Make sure you didn’t blow any fuses by checking the fuse box.

• When using polarity LED lights, try turning the LED 180 degrees as these only work in a specific direction.

• Try installing the light bar on another vehicle.

• Test the LED light bar using alligator clamps hooked to the car battery.

What Do I Do If Water and Moisture Get Inside the Light Bar?

Just like other light bars, LED options can also experience issues with moisture and water getting inside the bar. When this problem occurs, you need to check the housing on the light bar to see if it is broken or poorly assembled. To prevent this issue, always purchase for quality, and not for the price. However, if you are just trying to dry the light out, turn the light on several times per day.

Do You Keep the Battery In When Installing LED Light Bars?

When installing LED light bars, you should never leave the car on. Always turn the car off and take the key from the ignition; this is especially true for vehicles where the system will cycle to check for light out errors.

Why Is There Rattling In The Light Bar While I’m Driving?

When driving, if you hear a loud rattling, it is possible that the light bar installation has come loose. When the panels break from the casing, it can cause a lot of noise, or even cause the LED light bar to fall. While the wind will produce windshield installations to create some sound (known as windage), many manufacturers are working on new types of light bar options to reduce windage, and thus the noise generated by it.

Why Are My Lights Dim?

One of the most straightforward issues to solve is when the LED light bar for trucks is giving off dim lighting. In most cases, this is a sign your light bar isn’t getting enough power and is often related to improper or faulty connections. To fix this problem, try checking all of the fastenings and wiring. Look for any that are loose or frayed. If you see any issues, switch out the wiring harness and make sure to look at the toggle switch to check for a slacking connection.

Why Is My Light Bar Flickering?

In most situations, flickering is due to cold diagnostics (when your vehicle sends out waves of high volts to your lights to check and see if they are working). To prevent these high bursts of energy from shortening the life of your LED light bar, you should always disable the vehicle’s cold diagnostic system.

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