Do You Know How Long Is a Short Essay?

Do You Know How Long Is a Short Essay?

One of the biggest questions that arise in the minds of the students is how long is a short essay. The answer to this is that there are certain principles and guidelines that will help you write a short essay. The major components of a short essay include; the beginning, the main body, and the conclusion. The introduction and the conclusion sections are just one paragraph long and the number of body paragraphs totally depends on the topic of the essay. This means that if the topic of the essay is hard to work on, then you would need a number of paragraphs to provide the details of the topic. On the other hand, if the topic of the essay is tapered, then making one or two paragraphs would serve your purpose. Thus, preparing a rough draft is very essential, to begin with, a short essay writing task.

There are many simple ways of writing a short essay.


As we are discussing the short essay format, you must know that the introduction is of extreme importance when it comes to essay writing. This is because the introduction is actually an effective opening that describes the complete essay. Thus, to come out with an engaging discussion, the topic of the essay must be arguable and debatable. Also, you will need to prepare a satisfying thesis statement that will grab the attention of the readers and keep them involved all through the essay. Keep in mind that if an introduction leaves some impact on the readers, then, it is considered a well-written piece of content. If you are finding it rigid to make an introduction appealing, adding relevant quotations in the essay would be the best option.

2.Essay Body Paragraphs

Next comes the major part of the essay. The whole essay revolves around the body section as it contains all the important facts, figures, statements related to the chosen topic. Each and every information needs to be mentioned aptly for the readers to carry out smooth reading. Including relevant quotes, dates and other statistical data will help you in discussing the topic deeply. Using all of these in the main section; the body would be a better option. Another thing, that must be kept in mind is that all the body paragraphs of the short essay are linked rationally. If in any case, you feel that your paragraphs are not in a proper sequence then you need to get back to the outline in order to bring out a better perspective or you may avail ultimate essay help from the group of trained and skilled writers.

3.Essay Body: Paragraph Formation

For the readers to understand the complete essay, it is important for you to explain every argument separately by framing different paragraphs. This kind of paragraph formation will help you stay focused on the content. Thus, it is your responsibility to make every statement objective and specific.

Furthermore, there are no hard guidelines to write the body of the paragraph.

  • Firstly, in the initial paragraph, you have to discuss the strong points of the essay.
  • Secondly, the closing paragraph must include weaker statements.

This kind of argument formation i.e. from the strongest to the weakest points will help the readers better know about the point and will further convince them to be at your side of argument related to a particular topic or an issue.


The conclusion is the major part of the essay. As mentioned above, the introduction and the conclusion are the paragraphs that are included in every ideal essay whether short or long. The conclusion is actually the summing up of all the major points that have been included in the essay.

Let’s discuss the two types of short essays: the 3 paragraph short essay and the 5 paragraph short essay.

A.The 3 Paragraph Short Essay

The 3 paragraph short essay comprises of an introduction section, a body part, and the concluding section.

The main point is described in the initial paragraph of the essay, the next paragraph allows you to add supportive and relevant facts related to the idea and the last paragraph sums up all the major points. This is a general formula for a 3 paragraph short essay.

In most cases, this kind of essay is written when an essay prompt assigned by your professor has to be answered.

B.The 5 Paragraph Short Essay

This is another kind of short essay that allows you to both, keep the essay precise and short and to abide by the guidelines of an essay structure; right from the introduction, the body part and the conclusion. The introduction comprises of a short paragraph that reflects the purpose of the essay.

Followed by the body section with the three major paragraphs, with each providing appropriate ideas with regard to the idea you are explaining.

At the end comes the concluding section. In this section, you have to club the major ideas covered in the essay in a short paragraph. Don’t make a mistake of adding any sort of new information instead, try to stick to the points already covered.

All the aforesaid information answers the question, ‘How Long is a Short Essay’, in the right way. Thus, taking in account this particular content will definitely help you come out with the best short essay.

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