Naltrexone and its Efficacy in Treating Problems of Drug Addiction and Withdrawal

Naltrexone and its Efficacy in Treating Problems of Drug Addiction and Withdrawal

Naltrexone is known as a wonder drug throughout the globe. It was discovered in the 1960s but it got started to be used as a treatment for drug addiction in the 1980s. The usage of Naltrexone was initially limited for the treatment of drug addiction and withdrawal problems solutions visit But with the passage of time, the scientists concluded that it can be used to treat several other problems including severe pain, autoimmune conditions, mental health conditions, etc if given low doses .

How does Naltrexone work to treat opioid dependency?

High doses of naltrexone, also known as naloxone, are used to treat drug addiction and withdrawal problems. It is still a traditional method of treating opioid-related disorders. It is considered that naloxone works by boosting the naturally produced opioids by your brain which ultimately reduces your need for any other strong and external sources that may include alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc.

Treating withdrawal problems

A couple of pieces of research has shown that low-dose naltrexone (LDN) improves the tolerance of pain and interpersonal interactions in patients who have undergone drug detox procedures. Another research has shown that very low-dose naltrexone can be used to reduce the severity of stress due to withdrawal. LDN helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, sweating, restlessness, pain in bones and muscles, and cravings for external opioids.

Treating Alcohol dependence

A research was conducted in which heavy drinkers were given LDN with another drug. It helped to reduce their cravings for alcohol and lowered their intensity levels of being “high”. If a high dose of naltrexone is given initially, it will lower the natural opioid levels, after which the doses of naltrexone can be reduced.

Treating cigarette dependency

An experiment was carried out in which chain-smokers were given naltrexone along with the smoking-cessation drug varenicline. The results produced were quite impressive. It reduced the cravings to smoke and created a sense of satisfaction.

Treating Cocaine dependence

Treating people who are addicts of cocaine with low-dose naltrexone (LDN) is quite effective. It helps to prevent cocaine abuse relapse. LDN boosts the naturally producing opioids by the brain. It increases the production of endorphins by your body without causing any side effects. Using LDN to treat cocaine abuse helped the abusers to stay calm and prevented fatigue and sedation.

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