Never Forget To Ask These Things While Checking In A Hotel Room

Never Forget To Ask These Things While Checking In A Hotel Room

Often the main thing most guests think of asking the Best Hotels In Miraflores while they check in is an upgrade. However, there are several ways and amenities with which the hotels can add more value and convenience to your stay. Here are a few things you can ask a hotel and you are more lucky to have some of them provided to you on your request.

Late checkout

If your flight gets delayed, you might have to stay in your room for an extended time. Hence, it makes sense to ask for a late check-out while checking in. do this politely by explaining them about your loyalty to the hotel and if needed do not hesitate to tip the concierge for this. Free late checkout is something you will benefit a lot from if the situation demands it.

A scenic view

Though every hotel strives hard to keep its guests happy, often you might have to land into a room with a window presenting a crumby view outside. If the hotel gets to know that you are very particular about getting a room that gives you a scenic view of the surroundings, it is most likely that your request will be accepted.

Skipping extra charges

Most often every hotel stay comes with several extra charges that you will have to pay while checking out. Right at the time of checking in, find out what extras are chargeable and plan well to see how you can bring down the spending on those extras. You might skip some facilities that you might not use and ask for concessions to enjoy some for free. A talk with the front desk will let you work this out in detail.


Many hotels do not make a big hype about the rentals they might have with them for the guests. Depending on the situation where you stay, the hotel might be providing some rentals to the guests like bicycles, golf buggies, Burberry masks, umbrellas, and bikes for example. It is worth finding about the rentals available with the facility so that you can get them in concessional rates rather than spending extra while having to rent them from outside sources.

Extra amenities

While every hotel cannot provide its guests some extraordinary facilities like spas, pools, steam rooms and saunas, some hotels might have some partnering programs with the other properties located nearby to give their guests access to some extra amenities. Also some other facilities like airport shuttle runs and private cars can make your stay a smooth experience.

Complimentary toiletries

Toiletries provided in hotels work like bread in restaurants. This means that you have the right to ask for them in extra measures when you need it. If you have forgotten your toiletry bag, you can always ask for some toiletry supplies from the hotel’s front desk. You deserve plentiful toiletries and you ask for them to be given. Often you get them only when you ask for them. The other things you can ask for are Netflix connection, free upgrades like a corner room at the same price, anti-allergy bedding and some extra clean linens.

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