How to Plan Budget Weddings

How to Plan Budget Weddings

Weddings are known for their never-ending fun and frolic in our country. With so many varied cultures, rituals and choices, the entire affair is a gala one, to say the least. But, as per the diverse choices, the budget is also different for different people. Some want it straight out of a fairy tale or a wedding magazine, and some want it to be a mix of traditional and contemporary style. Now, when the choices are so varied, the working on the budget is not so easy. So, let’s look out for some of the areas, working on which the budget can be easily worked upon.

  • Limited Guest List: Yes, generally when we are making the guest list, we tend to include all those people with whom we have not had any communication or connections for years. But we do call them. Why? Guest list is an important area to work upon which will bring down the overall cost of the wedding.
  • Invites: Invitations in today’s date are a proclamation of our social status. It is as if to prove to the world about how much we can spend on them. Rather this, the approach should be to cut the maximum costing on these invites by sending wondrous e-invites.
  • Minimalistic décor: You read that right. Many hotels and wedding planners are organising things with the idea of putting things to be less but the best.
  • Renting clothes and jewellery: The idea might not sound very interesting to many, but it is one of the ways to reduce the cost of the wedding.
  • DIR décor: It is the era of DIY. Industries are building upon tremendously unique concepts of DIY. Even the wedding planners are using this to reduce their overall cost and expenditure.
  • Intelligent Venues: This needs lots of research and detailing. A resort or hotel that is providing you things as per your requirements and also helping you save cost.

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