Qualico Family Centre Wedding
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Qualico Family Centre Wedding

Qualico Family Centre Wedding

Jaclyn & Chad have a beautiful autumn wedding in the center of the Qualico family. Here are our photo highlights from their private autumn weddings. Event management in chennai

Jaclyn wants some warm-rich colors for her wedding and finally ordered its own custom color napkin and personalized M & Ms.

Qualico Family Centre Wedding

They have beautiful cakes made by Jenna Rae Cakes. Burgundy flowers; They were a perfect finishing touch at the reception (and smelled so good).

It is a warm and beautiful autumn day. Perfect at the ceremony with the sun came when they said their oath.
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Lauren from the Creative Stone House took Jaclyn’s vision and turned it on all the glory of the wild garden.

The focal point of the reception design is clearly a head desk. Located in front of the floor-to-ceiling window wall, a long table installed with contrasting sequinned linens and green plants and full bouquets that cover the front. On the guest table, we take turns high settings with low ones. The height was designed on the brass base of the baroque-style we agreed from Dream Day decorations, and the low setting was a combination of fertile blooming from a bouquet of flowers in my ceramic brass jars. “- Lauren, Creative Stone House

Thank you very much for all vendors, family, and friends who helped unite the wedding Family Family Center Jaclyn & Chad: Event companies in chennai

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