QuickBooks Pro 2014 Compatible With Windows 10

QuickBooks Pro 2014 Compatible With Windows 10

QuickBooks is a software application that runs on almost all the major operating systems, including macOS, Linux, Windows, etc. from time to time, both QuickBooks and these OS receive updates over the internet by the parent company to include significant changes and advancements to the product. However, most of the users tend to ignore these updates, hence, resulting in discrepancies in the compatibility between the QuickBooks and the said operating system.

Well, it’s supported a couple of topics like its compatibility with the various sort of OS. A few years ago, Microsoft released Windows 10, as its latest Operating System on the date 29 July 2015. It’s not necessary to update the present OS to Windows 10 as it’s an optional update.

How to check your Windows 10 version?

Windows 10 isn’t employed by everyone on the same version. Thus, so as to see the version, alongside other specifications, the below-listed steps are often administered.

  • The very initiative within the process is to click on the beginning menu, then type About your PC.
  • Then the user is meant to click on About your PC, followed by scrolling right down to search for the version number.

Add-ons in Windows 10

  • The primary thing that’s introduced in Windows 10 is that the Microsoft Windows 10 comprises of a virtual desktop is named the task switcher.
  • The beginning menu of Windows 10 nearly almost like the beginning menu of Windows 7.
  • The Microsoft Windows 10 features a complete remake of the .Net framework.
  • And also the Windows 10 contains a replacement browser named EDGE.

Versions of Windows 10 which supported with QuickBooks Desktop

After obtaining the version number, the user must search for the version that’s certified to figure with QuickBooks. Below we’ve mentioned the versions supported by QuickBooks Desktop on windows 10.

Windows 10 version 1809:

QuickBooks Desktop 2020 is certified to figure in a proper manner on version 1803 of Windows 10. However, QuickBooks desktop 2017-2019 ate not completely certified.

Windows 10 version 1803:

Coming to the present version of Windows, QuickBooks desktop 2017-2020 are entirely certified to figure within the absolute best way on this version of Windows Operating System.

Windows 10 version 1709:

Similar to the sooner one, on this version of Windows also QuickBooks desktop 2017-2020 are certified to figure with none hassle.

Windows 10 version 1507, 1511, 1607, and 1703:

For those who are using the house or Pro versions of the mentioned Windows editions, then it’s recommended to update them to the newest release of Windows 10. The explanation is that Microsoft has already discontinued support for the mentioned versions.

The version of QuickBooks Desktop supported with Windows 10

QuickBooks 2016 R7 & later

It’s news of joy that the whole QB users of QuickBooks 2016 R7 are authorized to figure with the Windows 10. If the user is employing a QuickBooks version before R7, then therein case the user must update the QuickBooks to the newest released version, so as to figure inefficient manner. However, for QuickBooks 2016 R7 or later users, updating isn’t mandatory and may swiftly work on Windows 10.

QuickBooks 2014 and earlier

It should be noted that QuickBooks 2014 isn’t supported in Windows 10 and using this version might create compatibility issues or can find yourself in a complete mess. Thus, to further use QuickBooks, we request the user to upgrade the version of QuickBooks to 2014 or 2015.

QuickBooks 2015 & QuickBooks 2016 (R1 – R6)

It is possible that being a QuickBooks user, you’ll attempt to open QuickBooks 2015 on Windows 10. But to truly do this successfully, you would like to make sure that you simply enabled the .NET Framework 3.5 which mostly comes as disabled by default from Microsoft in order that the Operating System user experiences the simplest while using the Operating System that doesn’t support the QuickBooks.

Windows 10 also supports QuickBooks 2015. Although you would like to make sure that .NET 3.5 enabled for QuickBooks 2015, for that you simply could use the steps mentioned below-

  1. The very initiative is to click on the “Start” button.
  2. Then, press the “Windows + R” keys, so as to open the “Run” Window.
  3. Once through with that, the user will need to type in “Control Panel” and hit the “OK” button.
  4. Then select the “Turn Windows features ON or OFF” option, after clicking on the “Uninstall a Program” option.
  5. After clicking on the above one, the user will witness a dialogue box will appear saying “.NET Framework 3.5“, alongside .NET Framework 4.5.
  6. The user must make sure that the choice has activated. If this feature off then enabled.
  7. And to finish the method, the user has suggested to “Reboot” the system.

QuickBooks 2014 or earlier

For all the QuickBooks versions before QuickBooks 2014, the QuickBooks suppose to update the software to the newest released version. As all the QB versions before QuickBooks 2014 requires an update because it doesn’t support the Windows 10.

Hope, after the detailed discussion on uickBooks 2014 compatibility issue with Windows 10, now you better understand which versions of Windows 10 are compatible together with your QuickBooks.

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